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17 Apr, 2020 | Posted By: Staff Reporter
ShadayaKnight Ghost Social Media Account Attacks Zimbabwe Female Celebrities

Social media personality and twitter socialite ShadayaKnight has exposed Female influencers in Zimbabwe of using immoral ways to climb to fame.

Below are some of the celebrities that ShadayaKnight exposed on twitter:

Olinda Chapel has been nicknamed Jojo tank because of her body weight and exposed for hiding her HIV status to her ex husband Tytan which was the main reason for their divorce after having a child together.

Zuva Habane was given the nickname Vulgar Queen because of her continuous hate speech against other socialites and exposed for hosting a glorious divorce party after she broke up with her husband Prince Habane.

Misred was nicknamed D_ick jockey  for having multiple baby daddies and exposed for having two children with different fathers and accused for failing to manage her womanhood.

Pokello Nhare was nicknamed the Yellow bone who rose to fame after her leaked s_extape went viral on the internet.

Mai TT was called the Crying Cougar who is always crying about young men after she had a messy break up with Zizoe Pamyk who she still talks about to this day.

Kikky Badass was not left behind as she was nicknamed Freaky Stinky A_ss because of her frequent live videos on social media where she appears unclean and exposed for being unhygienic.

Madam Boss was nicknamed the maid because of her past experience as a maid and frequent maid skits and was exposed for dominating in her marriage and having control over her husband.


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