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31 Jan, 2022 | Posted By: Staff Reporter
Ba Tea Thanks Mai TT For Calling Him Muroyi On Radio

I would like to Thank Mai Titi for calling me a witch on Radio.Everyone is obliged to his or her own opinion and who am i to judge when God is also going to Judge me.

I would like to take this opportunity to Thank Tatelicious for the support and for also not judging me and when it comes to gender ive got nothing to do with discrimination.

I was not aware of the interview which was done on radio coz im not so into following blogs and i harldy listen to radion.

Being called a witch for no apparent reason or being accused for things and words that has never been said honestly is not fair.But life is such and being a Time Traveller alot has been said but Life is too short to use energy on the negativity of nature.

All i can say is that May God Bless Mai Titi and may everything you touch turn into Gold.May all your dreams and wishes be fulfilled.Tatelicious may God Bless you too abundantly in everything you do.

Ive got nothing to do with your differences but as a proud Zimbabwean i believe in Unity for everyone has be created by God for a reason and for a purpose.

I respect woman all over the world because i was born of a woman.

One love to all Zimbabweans all over the World.

#WithLoveFromRuwa — in Ruwa.


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