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09 Nov, 2020 | Posted By: Staff Reporter
Bothwell Hlahla Another Zimbabwean Businessman Who Lived & Died Like Ginimbi

Bothwell Hlahla Another Zim Businessman Who Died Like Ginimbi

Live fast, die young is the name of the game. For centuries there have been several young entertainers, who set trends and broke records, who also unfortunately died too soon.

Whether it’s just a curse, of its a result of their fast lifestyles, we will never know, just that their deaths were swift, painful and unexpected.

With the recent, tragic death of flamboyant businessman Ginimbi, we are forced to reflect on mortality and the glaring demise which hangs over our heads like the sword of Damocles.

Before Ginimbi gained prominence, there was Mutare diamond dealer Bothwell Hlahla. Some might have forgotten about him already because life wasn’t lived on Zim social media as much as was done during Ginimbi’s time. No live videos to update or some other social media frenzies of pictures and videos, except a few snaps here and there.

Bothwell Hlahla was the guy responsible for bringing the twin, singing sensation Brick n Lace.

Bothwell Hlahla who was better known as Boss Bothy or Bathez was the king of Mutare and the Eastern Highlands from 2008 to 20011.

He gained prominence during the Diamond Rush ,which happened in Marange, Chiadzwa diamond fields.

Bothwell Hlahla rose from a jobless guy who lived on the streets, and was always trying to hustle for chump change, to a car washer, to a top businessman and Socialite in Mutare, all in a matter of 3 years.

 There was no diamond deal that he didn’t broker for the most powerful  people and he was believed to be linked to some politicians in Zimbabwe and had clients from as far as Mozambique, Nigeria, South Africa Australia, China, UK, United Arab Emirates, and beyond.
Like Ginimbi, Bothwell Hlahla had brushes with the law for illegal diamond dealing but never did the time or got arrested unlike the former who had a couple of stints in jail.

He owned a fleet  of luxury vehicles, several splashy properties in Mutare and Harare, a fleet of taxis, several shops and he was believed to have offshore bank accounts.

Like Ginimbi, it all came to a halt for Bothwell Hlahla in 2011.

He died after a fatal accident in his top-of-the-range CLX convertible Mercedes Benz.

Bothwell Hlahla died as a result of severe fractured bones and internal bleeding in the accident.

Like Ginimbi, his death was linked to political conspiracy theories, however non held water.

Just like that he was gone, just like that, Ginimbi is gone.


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