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23 Nov, 2020 | Posted By: Staff Reporter
Coming To A Gun Fight Wakapfumbata Zvibhakera Mambo Ndini Unprepared IG Account Hacked

Mambo Ndini was unprepared when he started fighting with Prophet Passion Java and and flexing his wealth. Mambo Ndini got a shock when hackers hijacked his Instagram account. Mambo Ndini was trending over the last few days because of his exchange of words with Passion Java.

What Mambo Ndini was not aware of is that there are hackers who are searching day and night for accounts that are growing fast. These hackers will send messages to verify the account or simply use brute force attack and hack the account. 
If the acc is not secured with multi factor Authentication or at least a complex password a brute force att will take a few minutes to crack the password. Mambo Ndini is a businessman and needs to have a team knowledgeable in cyber security or just someone to secure his accounts. With YouTube and google you don't need to be a computer wiz to know ways to secure Instagram or Facebook accounts . Looks like Mambo Ndini was not prepared and wanted to fight everyone with his fists at a gun fight. Let's hope he gets his account back.

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The man behind 1202 Herbal Solutions

28 year old’s Andy Baleni’s story is just like a fairytale and it is the perfect example of the quote ‘from grass to grace’.

He started off as a tomato vendor but he now has 10 companies in Zimbabwe , South Africa and the United Kingdom. From selling tomatoes , he started selling drinks and scones in offices and saved up just enough to start a company 1202 herbal solutions in February 2018.

He 1202 herbal solutions with 2 employees and grew to 1600 employees by the end of 2018.

“It was not an easy road. Imagine coming from the ghetto and trying to grow big. 1202 herbal solutions was doing very well but i had problems around 2019 due to competition which was sabotaging our work and we had to reduce the number of employees from 1600 to just 600” he said.

“We have branches in Mutare, Bulawayo, Beitbridge, Kwekwe just to name a few. Most of the people we have are brand ambassadors who have products that are wanted by the people and right now we are aiming to open a new branch in Europe and we are working on it now” he said.


At the end of 2019, Baleni ventured into the entertainment business and started the ‘Andy Parties’ event management companies which has hosted the popular and Controversial event ‘Night Pool Party’ which was held in Glen Lorne’s.

The Andy parties Event Management company is still growing and we want to be the best so we do not host a lot of events but we prefer to hold a few events that will have an impact in the industry and also ma events edu we don’t want them to be just regular” he said.

Speaking on the worth of 1202 herbal solutions, Andy refused to disclose it worth but research done by this publication showed that the herbal company is now worth over 2 million USD and owns properties in and outside Harare.

Responding to a question about his company’s vision in 2020 , Baleni said he was working on growth and expansion as herbals are and have always been the best healing remedies.

“2020 is all about expansion and growth. We want to tap into the American Industry totoenda nema herbs edu ikoko. We want to open shops in America, China, Canada and Australia. Herbs are the best and people are dying vari less than 40 years old and with these herbs vanhu vanobatsirika. Some people die from minor diseases zvinongoda ma herbs iwaya” he said


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