17 Mar, 2020 | Posted By: Staff Reporter
Daddy Gwiri Writes Letter To President Mnangagwa

Dear Mr Lipstick,

I hope this communique finds you in your right state of mind.With incredulity, I watched your address on Coronavirus. It just dawned on me that you are clueless on the economy, on world affairs and more disturbingly on governance .

The discord in your administration was amplified by the incongruence between your Minister of Defense message from your own message . Clearly, the two messages are disturbingly tangent with each other. Such incongruences are inevitably causing an ambience of confusion among citizenry.

I should admit , your cluelessness of the seriousness of the Coronavirus pandemic was evidenced by your announcement that citizens from China are “ discouraged “ to travel to Zimbabwe. Effectively , you are leaving the onus / discretion in their hands on whether to visit Zimbabwe or not . Under these extenuating circumstances, it’s not debatable that they should be temporarily banned not merely “ discouraged “ from entering the Republic.

Do you realize that your moronic , reckless utterance and cluelessness is putting the Republic in harm’s way? Dambudzo, this is not a joking matter . Prudence, steadiness is required from leaders to guide the nation especially under these extenuating circumstances. Shrewdness and circumvention is required to prudently make sound decisions that would safeguard the nation . Clearly the lack thereof these aforesaid attributes in you is very concerning .

I am not even going to address your inability to eloquently present yourself . It will take us the whole day , addressing your speech impediment.

Out of curiosity, do you have advisers ?

Yours Frustrated ,

Daddy Gwiri!


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