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19 Nov, 2022 | Posted By: Staff Reporter
Disrespect Rick Ross Paid USD $175KZim Artists Given 1 Ticket Each & USD $125

Zimbabwean Artists are sick and tired of being treated like spare wheels by promoters who abuse them and only respect international artists. 
Artists like Nutty O & Stunner are breaking their silence about the abuse from promoters.

Stunner has been a strong advocate of artists being taken advantage of by promoters in Zimbabwe.

Levels from Chillspot was given 1 ticket and yet he was accompanied by his girlfriend Shashl. Enzo had a similar incident he was given 1 ticket when he came Witt his wife & 2 of his friends had their cellphones stolen. 

Ginimbi Former PA MsShally Adonha Zvekuvhara ma blogger Mari dze Promotion "Commented one blogger who said MsShally has not paid him for the last 2 promotions. 
below is a statement from Nutty O

The most sincerest apologies to #ABXPeople who came through to the Rick Ross concert last night expecting the Nutty O performance. As you know, we were much excited about yet another link up and witnessing the Mustard Seed in effect, but due to circumstances beyond our control as Team ABX, despite arriving at the HICC at 9pm in good time for the program stated performance time of 22.15pm we were not granted access to the stage area and event by the promoter. Efforts for the Artist, Band and Team to get access tags had failed since morning of the show day, 18 Nov.

We stayed in constant communication with the organizing team through management to no avail. By the time we managed to get in, the visiting artist was performing and no other local artist had performed yet, we communicated with our gig contact, they assured that we would perform after another visiting Artist who was next. This did not however happen, the visiting artists all performed and we were backstage until 3am when the venue had emptied up and the organizers themselves had left. 

Even though we had fulfilled our part of the contract, the event organisers did not see through their side of the agreement as:
1. Balance was not paid up by their official stated time of performance (which we had highlighted and assured it will be sorted)
2. Nutty O, band and team were not granted access tags nor access to the event before and during event
3. Nutty O, band and team were denied a performance slot on the stage. (when we eventually got to the backstage)
We were therefore not able to perform as we expected.

Many thanx for your love and support and we look Farward to more amicable encounters, more stage chemistry with the ABX People, more #AbilityXtention and a happy festive season ahead. 

We love you so much Ma ABX


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