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29 Mar, 2021 | Posted By: Staff Reporter
Ginimbi’s Former Manager Ms Shally Deactivates Her Instagram Account After Getting Blasted On Social Media

Ginimbi’s former manager Ms Shally real name Shallen Manhire Nullens was forced to deactivate her Instagram yesterday after she was attacked with negative comments.

Ms Shally had shared the sad news of her boyfriend Hell Commander who was involved in a tragic car accident that left his friend dead.

Her boyfriend socialite and businessman Trevor Mbizvo, commonly known as “Hell Commander” was involved in a fiery crash on Saturday night while driving his Lamborghini Huracan supercar.

Following the incident, Ms. Shally was dragged on Instagram after she penned a post confirming the accident using her now deactivated Instagram page. In her post, she only mentioned in passing one of the victims who lost his life in the crash and this is what triggered the backlash.

She wrote;

“My Love @hell_commander (Trevor Mbizvo) had a terrible accident last night while driving a Lamborghini hurricane. One precious life was lost and the Hell Commander is in Hospital suffering from a few injuries.”

This did not sit well with fans who called her out for being insensitive and inconsiderate. Social media critics questioned why she went out of her way to identify the model and maker of the vehicle and yet neglected to mention the name of the victim who died in the fiery crash.

The deceased cousin only identified as Selektabase who was also not happy with the post,  went all guns blazing, and accused Ms Shally of being a witch.  He said;

“Unapologetic, self-centered, and airheaded. You’d rather mention the name of the car, right down to the make and model, and just browse past the death of an innocent soul you and that man are ludicrous and moronic”
He went on to say that the evil spirits from Ms. Shally’s family are the ones that killed Ginimbi, her dad, and now his cousin.
Meanwhile, the pilot who died when Hell Commander’s Lamborghini was involved in a fiery crash on Saturday night has been identified as Edward Mudekunye.

The now deceased was a full-time student in South Africa, studying to become a commercial pilot when the COVID-19 pandemic emerged.

Mudekunye reportedly used the pandemic to his advantage by completing some digital marketing courses.

Using the newly acquired skills, Mudekunye later found himself contracting freelance social media marketing gigs.


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