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14 Mar, 2020 | Posted By: Staff Reporter
He Is Possessed Nemadhimoni Ehurombe Nechihure Rachel J Kuwundura Mukupe

The singer has been embroiled in a public battle between Mukupe and SA based Malawian Prophet, Shepherd Bushiri after the former accused Bushiri of impregnating his ex-wife and causing the collapse of their marriage.

Both Rachel J and Bushiri have vehemently denied the affair and the prophet is on record denying that he’s the singer’s baby daddy.

Sometime last year, during the collapse of her marriage Rachel J had a made a social media post insinuating that Mukupe was trying to pull her down with his questionable lifestyle.

Wrote Rachel J at the time.

If he found you holding it down, working hard and treating yourself like a true Queen and he comes in with his poverty spirits and infidelity ways of not being able to keep it in his pants run sister run you won’t exorcise that demon….his parents failed already. Your true prince is coming #No to infidels You’re precious

A couple of months later in 2020, Rachel stated that her ‘prophecy’ on Mukupe had come to pass as she showed his true colours.

I prophesied ... had seen the red flags….naivety at its worst. 

This is all to my girls…pray for a discerning spirit 

Last week the singer channelled her inner Jerry Springer and went on an offensive against Mukupe, accusing him of lying about his financial status, lying that she was his wife when they had only cohabited and lying that she had an affair with prophet Bushiri.

Rachel J has since given birth to a baby girl whom she named Najah Deborah Makomborero.


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