06 Jan, 2020 | Posted By: Staff Reporter
Hopewell Chin'ono Diaries Afternoon Hon Temba P Mliswa

‪If the economy was in good shape as any normal country should be in, these Norton citizens would be at WORK right now.‬

‪There wouldn’t be any need for these Public Relations stunts by the 1st Lady, because there would be REAL jobs to go to! ‪Her husband MUST implement Political Reforms to fix the economy, instead of attempting to harvest from the misery that He has created by refusing to implement Political Reforms, and inducing untold economic suffering!

These publicity stunts are an insult to all right thinking Zimbabweans, these folks in your constituency don’t need the 1st Lady to come and cook or clean for them, they need jobs to go to in order to feed their families and pay school fees for their kids!

Look in the second picture brother Temba, that is the real feeling consuming these citizens after this shameful publicity charade!

A feeling of disdain for the 1st Lady’s utter contempt and attempt to treat your constituents as fools with no thinking capacity!

You are too young to be part of this madness Temba, you have a whole life ahead of you!

Respect us as citizens! Real leaders create opportunities for their citizens to be self reliant, they don’t exploit their suffering for votes!

‪This kind of cruel contempt for citizens will have its moment of reckoning, it always does!

It is humiliating for citizens to be treated as objects of publicity stunts meant to generate PROPAGANDA and LIES!

The opposition might be failing to properly articulate this, but time will!‬

Good day!


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