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Hopewell Chin'ono Diaries Financial Literacy Thread

1. Guys! Have you ever thought about the amount of money you spend over 12 months drinking in places like hotels and bars?

You would spend a third or less if you created the same ambience at home by making your wife and family/friends your pub mates in your homes instead of hotels!

2. Some men don’t enjoy being at home because they haven’t created the kind of environment they chase after in places like Meikles Hotel.

These things are not expensive at all, you probably spend 10 times more in hotels drinking booze than you would if you set up your own bar at home.

3. Wealthy people don’t drink in pubs or hotels daily!

That is why they are wealthy, they don’t waste their resources on making hoteliers rich daily!

They spend more time with their families, they invite friends home, they make their homes comfortable, so they don’t desert home!

4. Alcohol is not meant to be taken daily!
Having a bar at home is not expensive either, it will save you money than drinking in hotels daily.

Over 10 yrs you can easily build a good bar. Imagine buying 3 bottles a month over 10 yrs.
Enjoy being at home by creating the ambience!

When you get alcohol gifts, they are not meant to be polished immediately, drinking is not a necessity, it is a pastime.

Many amongst us spend more money on booze than even buying books, balance is important!

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I passed through a maternity hospital set up by a friend’s mother, who was a midwife nurse in the UK.

It is in Harare’s Waterfalls suburb of Prospect and it is aptly named, Prospect Palms Private Maternity Hospital.

Nomusa Muhlwa and her mother Jane Wynne took me around the hospital. WATCH and LEARN

2. Since the hospital was opened to the public in 2017, NO mother or child has died.

Maternal mortality in Zimbabwe currently stands at 614 deaths per 100,000 live births, one of the highest maternal mortality rates worldwide.

So Prospest Palms has done extremely well with zero maternal mortality in 2 years since it opened its doors to the public.

3. The hospital runs its own kitchen with a chef attending to the special and different dietary needs of its patients.

Patients have individual designed meals according to their tastes.

The hospital also has its own laundry unit with a tailor based at the hospital.

All uniforms are made on site. Nomusa who is visiting her mother from the UK is also a trained nurse working in Britain, she helps her mother when she is back home in holidays.

This is financial literacy, from being a nurse, Jane now owns her own hospital creating employment, providing world class healthcare and passing on the midwifery skills she acquired in the UK.

The facility was set up from her personal savings, she doesn’t owe a bank any money, instead of buying Range Rovers, she invested in tomorrow’s health care today.

Hospital email address is:



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