24 Dec, 2019 | Posted By: Staff Reporter
Hopewell Chinon’o Diaries Good Night Zimbabwe

‪Goodnight Zimbabweans.

‪Not every Zimbabwean who has a nice home is a crook or a product of ZANUPF corruption!

‪Professionals have nice homes too, which were bought or built legitimately.They could have achieved more had it not been for ZANUPF incompetence and corruption!

Instead of dissing or being negative to those who choose to share their successful journeys, let young people be inspired and know that they too can achieve their dreams if they work hard.

We live in a broken society barren of ideas in politics, a society where even wearing a nice shoe elicits corruption and ZANUPF whisperings. 

‪Don’t be afraid to inspire others with your success, especially if you did it without riding on parental wealth!‬

I came out of a township‬, Glen Norah, I have a duty to teach and inspire young ones from similar backgrounds that they too can transform their lives! We all do!

We are tired of letting our young people emulate products of criminality and political corruption!

In 2020, I will profile those who have succeeded against all odds and hurdles created by ZANUPF corruption

We have corrupt professionals who ride on ZANUPF misrule through deals, but we also have professionals who have succeeded on their own, those are the ones you will hear about on by blog next year.

Let other people’s success be the engine to keep you going, don’t waste time with and on those who ride on snide remarks, they will always be there!

The crooks and their ilk should not intimidate the straight from sharing their stories, we can’t be a nation that is inspired by thieves surviving through tenders and crooked deals!


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