21 Jun, 2021 | Posted By: Staff Reporter
Hutsinye Harare Council Continues Demolition Of Structures In Mbare

Harare City Council yesterday continued demolishing illegal structures around Mbare, targeting the Matapi flats section, as it seeks to restore sanity in the capital.

Some of the destroyed shacks had become havens for illicit drugs.

A council bulldozer could be seen razing down illegal facilities such as tyre mending shops and backyard food outlets that were in-between Matapi flats and surrounding areas.

People that delayed or failed to voluntarily remove their structures were left counting losses. Some backyard food outlet operators had their wares confiscated by the council and would now have to pay fines if they wish to recover them.

Children had a field day, as they could be seen picking up foodstuffs, including fruits dropped by the traders, as they engaged in last-ditch efforts to salvage something before the bulldozer arrived.

Many vehicles and pushcarts were seen ferrying some of the wares that were being removed by traders. Other people were hurriedly removing some valuables such as metal sheets.

Council spokesperson Mr. Michael Chideme yesterday said the city was set to enhance enforcement.
Mr. Chideme has insisted that the council will continue to assist traders in all suburbs to remove their structures if they fail to do that on their own. He urged those affected to designated trading sites, which are empty.

On Saturday, the council also demolished illegal structures around Mupedzanhamo, Magaba Home Industry, Shawasha, and Matapi Flats.

Traffic congestion had become a common feature around the area as informal traders had encroached onto the road, making it hard for motorists to navigate.

The traders were also putting their lives and those of passers-by in danger, with a Grade 7 pupil killed recently, while two other pupils and two adults were critically injured after being hit by a speeding vehicle at Shawasha Grounds in Mbare


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