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09 Jun, 2021 | Posted By: Staff Reporter
Hutsinye Police Burn Two Kombis With Tear Gas Canisters In Bulawayo

The Zimbabwe Republic Police (ZRP) unwittingly burnt two private commuter Omnibuses (Kombis) in Bulawayo after firing tear gas canisters inside the vehicles on Wednesday.

This has attracted public outrage was captured on camera amidst a war between authorities and non-zupco registered Kombis. The incident took place in Bulawayo CBD along 3rd Avenue and Naik. Bulawayo City Fire Department had to be called in to put out the fire.
Kombis were banned by the government which is promoting a ZUPCO public transport monopoly. Kombi crews often play cat and mouse with police.

In Other News:

Two Zimbabwean brothers have been convicted of attempted murder in the United Kingdom following a “savage” daylight assault with a machete.

Benedict Zvekare (26), who left his victim with severe injuries, was found guilty of attempted murder and is beginning his 20-year jail term.
His brother Blessing (31), also of St John’s Road in Edlington, was convicted by the same Sheffield Crown Court jury and given three years for assisting an offender.

Det Insp Lee Townley, who led the investigation, described the incident, which happened as the victim walked along Balby Road with friends last September 28.

“At some point, a rock was thrown into the road and towards Zvekare’s vehicle, which was the catalyst for what happened next,” said the officer.

“Zvekare stopped his vehicle and got out, wildly brandishing a machete and shouting. He then began to chase after the group, joined by another man who was carrying a metal bar


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