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06 Dec, 2021 | Posted By: Staff Reporter
I Can Hear Wedding Bells With Mpondasuga Passion Java’s Prophecy About ZBC TV Presenter Yahya Goodvibes

“I Can Hear Wedding Bells” Prophet Passion Java’s Prophecy About ZBC TV Presenter Yahya Goodvibes Gets Social Media Talking
ontroversial cleric, Prophet Passion Java’s prophecy on social media enthusiast and television presenter Yahya Goodvibes has got social media talking.

In the video which has since gone viral, Prophet Passion Java prophesied that Yahya Goodvibes was going to get married next year.


“Next year, as we talking of marriage, am seeing you wearing a white gown, I am hearing bells. It is down says the spirit of the living God..”Prophet Passsion Java can be heard saying in the short video clip.
Social media users are already skeptical of Prophet Passion Java’s prophecy as they believe this is all just a skit for Youtube while some are opining that this was all staged. Some have already started labelling him a fake prophet.

Here are some of the comments from Instagram;
😪lowkey this might be staged too

Yayha agara ndewe maskits 😂😂😂😂 she’s been involved in every skit haadaa 😂😂

😂😂 havasi here vekuti ndaona Bushiri afa…..

Some social media users went as far as rehashing how he falsely predicted that prophet Bushiri was going to die in December  2019.

“I saw one of the greatest prophets alive, Prophet Shepherd Bushiri, dying in the month of December. I am still praying for Prophet Shepherd Bushiri but I saw him dying in the month of December” prophesied Java.

Prophet Passion Java’s prophecy on Prophet Bushiri clearly ruffled some feather with Bushiri calling the Zimbabwean a fake prophet.

“Some attention seekers, looking for attention to become popular and fame using some peoples’ names, saying ‘Oh I saw it in the spirit, he’s gonna die’. Just for the attention. We are around, we are not going anywhere,” Bushiri responded to Passion Java’s prophecy.


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