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05 Nov, 2021 | Posted By: Staff Reporter
Is Tytan Now Working As A Model For His Wife's Healthcare Company

Since Tytan moved to the UK his music career has been at a standstill and he has tried to venture into website design and brand promotion but this virtually gone nowhere. Since he got back with former Ex wife Olinda Chapel  the Ndokubata Bho  hitmaker has been working for his wife doing different peace jobs. 

Tytan has worked answering phones and helping in the office doing secretarial work. Tytan has now become a male model for his wife company. See the photo below.

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Olinda, Tytan Back Together?
UNITED Kingdom based socialite, Olinda Chapel and musician, Tytan seem to have rekindled their relationship after a messy split.

The two went through a scandalous divorce in August last year just after celebrating their first wedding anniversary.

At the time of the divorce that set tongues wagging, they had a heated exchange of words with Tytan real name Njabulo Nkomo accusing Olinda of abusing him and not disclosing her HIV status during their relationship.

Being no stranger to airing her dirty laundry on social media, Olinda hit back with a live video claiming her former husband was a serial adulterer who had used her as a 'meal ticket'.
Her fans had gone as far as drawing up a petition with over a thousand signatures to have the 'Mukoko' hit maker, Tytan deported from the UK.

However, all this seems forgotten now as Olinda who had taken a sabbatical from social media returned with the Instagram username '@olindachapelnkomo' and a post of her and Tytan's daughter, Nandi with the caption 'mummyanddaddysgirl'.

A few months back Tytan was part of a line-up at the Chabvondoka UK show hosted by Olinda.

In the comments, fans of the duo speculated whether or not they were back together, with one saying, "May the good Lord bless your reunion."

Another poked fun at the reconciliation, "Olinda and Tytan getting back together after a messy breakup is the reason why I'll always mind my own."

"Tytan and Olinda are back together? I wish I was as forgiving as both of them because wow," wrote another.

The 'couple' has, however, stayed mum on the issue, leaving fans to only to speculate.

Olinda Chapel Lures back Singer Tytan A Year After Messy Break-up
Tytan, born Njabulo Nkomo, who last year took to social media to announce the end of their union, saying he has had enough of abuse at the hands of Olinda Chapel (35) seems to have hit a hard time in the United Kingdom and has reunited with his ex -wife.

After Olinda Chapel updated her facebook name by adding Nkomo which is Tytan’s surname, many have speculated that this is an announcement of get back together between the couple.
Now Olinda has sent another signal through her Instagram handle revealing that she is doing it for her daughter Nandi.

She wrote


Fans are left wondering whether this is the reason why she is getting back together with Tytan Nkomo.

Last year , the 29-year-old United Kingdom-based singer also revealed that he has since approached the police and is pursuing the legal route to end their union.

“Our relationship has sadly ended due to a catalogue of events that took place in July 2019.

“I will be able to fully talk about the details of the reason why our relationship ended after the completion of police investigations and various legal proceedings.

“I am receiving support from a legal team and domestic abuse services. I would kindly ask my family, friends and the public to bear with me as l go through a very challenging and trying season in my life,” posted Tytan on social media.

Olinda also took to social media to comment on their matrimonial problems, claiming that Tytan used to abuse her. She alleges that her husband had an affair with her friend behind her back.

“Tytan wants to play the victim here yet he is the one who has been abusing me and I was quiet about it for a long time.

“He has been cheating on me with various girlfriends, yet he rushes to the police with false claims so that he won’t have his visa terminated because he got it by marrying me.

“If we were to break up, l think it was better to do it in a better way considering the fact that we have a child together and she is only three months-old. “What kind of a father are you proving to be to this little girl?” she wrote. Olinda went live on Facebook declaring that she still loves her Tytan despite all the mishaps.

Olinda was once married to another musician, Stunner, and their relationship ended following a series of infidelity accusations. The termination of their relationship also went viral on social media.

Olinda and Tytan tied the knot last year and welcomed their baby girl named Nandi early this year.


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