14 Apr, 2020 | Posted By: Staff Reporter
Ken Chivizhe Zimbabwes Only Licensed COVID-19 Herbalist

A HARARE man who last week was licensed by Government to treat COVID-19 symptoms has spoken out, dropping a bombshell about his practice as a traditional herbalist who has healed some of Zimbabwe’s well-known people in Government, politics, and business.

Mr. Kenneth Chivizhe, a traditional herbalist based in Harare’s Tynwald suburb, told Zimbolivenews that indeed, he treats COVID-19 symptoms and has treated other illnesses ranging from cancer to diabetes and has a rich clientele that includes prominent people in politics, business, as well as those from virtually every walk of life.

He however said ethics in his line of trade do not allow him to divulge his clients list to the media, but patients who need reference on his expertise would get them.

In a letter addressed to City of Harare Health department Director Dr. Prosper Chonzi by the Permanent Secretary in the Ministry of Health and Child Care, Mr. Chivizhe was authorized to treat coronavirus symptoms using his herbs.

“My herbs are 100% Zimbabwean, sourced from the usual Zimbabwe’s forests. However, I cannot divulge the formula,” said Mr. Chivizhe.

He revealed that today (Monday), he was called in at a popular Harare hospital after a patient had collapsed from suspected COVID-19 complications, and he resuscitated the patient after a short while using his formulation.

Mr. Chivizhe, who is related to a Government Minister, was quick to add that his treatments are for free. He also said denied that he got the Government license because of his relations with the said Minister. He however admitted that his close relationship with top politicians could have helped authorities understand that he is legitimate and has helped a lot of people with different illnesses.
Said Mr. Chivizhe: “I am a registered traditional herbalist, and am a member of a the largest traditional healers association of South Africa. I’m in high demand across the Limpopo, but as a patriotic Zimbabwean, I chose to stay in my country and help people suffering from a wide range of illness.

“For the Government to licence me the way they did, it is because they are convinced that my formations work and that I am not like those unscrupulous fake prophets or magicians that you read about who fleece people. “I provide my services for free and even challenge you right now to bring a cancer patient and see what my hebs can do to them,” he told the Zimbolivenews.

The letter authorizing him to traat COVID-19 symptoms in patients was signed by Permanent Secretary in the Ministry of Health and Child Care, Dr Agnes Mahomva, who herself is a renowned medical specialist with over three decades of experience across the continent.

Regarding the accusations raised against him by a US-based relative that he was a wannabe reggae musician and a fraud, Mr. Chivizhe said indeed he tried his hand at reggae but has since decided to focus on healing patients.

“It’s unfortunate that Grace Ruredzo, who is my relative indeed, smeared my name yet I have looked after her property here in Zimbabwe and done a lot for her with my own money. “The house she says I vandalized is located just opposite Prince Edward High School in Harare, and there have been lots of issues there. Previous tenants have had their personal belongings seized by her people after they failed to pay rentals. She also hasn’t been paying workers, giving all sorts of reasons, and at times I chipped in to assist her.
“She has angered a lot of people who probably are the ones who later on resorted to vandalizing the property,” said the herbalist.

Mr. Chivizhe added that he has information that could make American authorities deport Grace from their country “within hours” if he divulged it, but he was empathizing with her as she recently lost a child and also had a son jailed in the US for drug dealing.

“I paid City of Harare thousand of dollars of my own money to stop them from impounding her Mercedes-Benz, I picked up her title deeds in a litter bin and kept them safe for years, I helped with a lot of issues regarding her properties in the country, yet she goes on social media to smear my name like that. How’s that for gratitude!” Mr. Chivizhe, an alumni of Fletcher High School in Gweru, told Zimbolivenews that he went to school with the likes of prominent socialist Munyaradzi Gwisai, who was once an MP for the MDC.

He said Zimbabweans and people from across the world who had illnesses ranging from suspected COVID-19 symptoms to cancer, diabetes and so on to reach him on +263 779 898 453.


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