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10 Jun, 2021 | Posted By: Staff Reporter
Macheso’s Deepest Secret Revealed

ALICK Macheso says he trusts his instincts and he would not be swayed by close friends and fly by night benefactors.

The birthday boy, who turns 53 today, made this revelation when asked to reveal his deep secret that he has been keeping for years.

He opened up on this matter yesterday shortly after his arrival from South Africa where he spent a week on a business trip.

“The only secret that I would want to tell Zimbabweans and other followers is that I am one person who doesn’t fall prey to cheap traps by people. “As a person who meet a lot of people who can promise you heaven on earth, I take my time to make a decision.

“And in most cases when I say NO it will be surely a NO,” he said. Speaking to H Metro, Baba Sharo urged old and new fans to be responsible for their actions all the time.

“As a person who has his principles when it comes to decision making, I simply urge my fans to make bold decisions after consultations with the right people.
“The reason why some people are regretting in life today is that of poor judgement and peer pressure,” he said.

He however conceded that he was not perfect like any other human being.

“In my case as I grow older, I can’t say that I am perfect and I know it all.

“There are things in life that I have not been able to do and grey areas where I erred but I just pray that I remain myself.

“In most cases, I always educate fellow musicians and even my kids to be themselves and not being swayed by peer pressure.

“As I celebrate my 53rd birthday, I urge people to I want to urge people to take responsibility of what they do and stop the blame game,” he added.

In Other News:

A section of Zimbabweans in South Africa is celebrating following the daylight murder of 25-year-old Ronnie Macmillan who was shot dead in Midrand on Monday afternoon.

Ronnie, a lover of finer brands, died in a hail of bullets while driving.

According to sources close to him, he had seven bullets pumped into his body and died on the spot. Midrand Police Station officers attended the crime scene. Macmillan was staying in Pretoria suburb of Sunnyside where mourners are gathered.

There have been mixed emotions on social media as some celebrated his demise branding him a “notorious thug”.

Some messages on Facebook were too explicit to be published in respectable media as the outpouring of anger reached a crescendo.

“Dai kudenga kune TV ndaigara ndakabata remote ndichiona urikupisiwa kusvika papi 7 bullets mashoma dai vakamuisa 100 chaiwo don’t rest in peace musat***** du*** burn in hell Satan mwana waLucifa imbwa muko**,” wrote one user going by the name Melody Kamwe.


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