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12 Mar, 2020 | Posted By: Staff Reporter
Madam Boss Has A Peace Order On Mai TT Kuti Vasavatuke & Kufumura On Social Media

The reason Mai TT cannot mention Madam Boss name on Social Media or say anything bad about her is because Madam Boss filed a peace order against Mai TT in 2019. According to the laws and rules of this peace order  and Protective order Mai TT is refrained and restricted to abuse Madam Boss verbally or physically. 

Because of this Peace or Protective order Mai TT has not been able to say what her thoughts on Madam Boss are that is why she will hint at who she is talking about but will never use Madam Boss name or she can get arrected because of the restrictions on the peace order. 
The last time Mai TT went after Madam Boss in June 2019 and accused her of sleeping with business leader to get endorsements Madam Boss and her husband Mhofela wanted to get Mai TT arrested but settled on the peace order and Mai TT was force to wear an apolo jersey. 
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Online comedy sensation, Mai Titi, has reconciled with her old friend fellow online comedian Madam Boss and says the feud was not healthy for them and their fans.

Mai Titi and Madam Boss fell out late last year when Mai Titi took to social media saying she was exposing Madam Boss for gossiping about her. She said at that time that Madam Boss’ success was as a result of sexual favours.

“Over the past weeks Mai Titi and Madam Boss have been on a social media war instigated by the former, dividing public opinion. However, in an interview Mai Titi said things were getting out of hand.

“I’m glad that we’ve put this whole thing behind us, it wasn’t healthy we were causing grief to our fans and things were getting out of hand to an extent that some of our fans were fighting each other.”
Asked on how this sudden change of heart came about, Mai Titi said there was a mediator.

“Tyra (Madam Boss) told a friend of mine Memory Sainera Muyaka that we need to settle things between us. I was very angry at first and didn’t want anything to do with her but my friend Memory persuaded me to speak to her. Tyra and I then spoke on the phone and from there we arranged to meet at her house and we have decided to put behind this whole enmity,” she said.

The comedian said that she and Madam Boss will be doing a lot of work together in the future and there is someone who has organised a getaway trip for both of them to Dubai.

Mai Titi said she would like to advise individuals like Olinda Chapel who were fuelling this feud, to mind their own business.

“As people we should always try to build and not to destroy and I would like to advise people like Olinda Chapel to stay away from other people’s business. She is a bitter woman she is still not over her failed marriage to Stunner and therefore she must stay in her lane.”

The online sensation says she will be leaving for England for an event she has in October and she will be in Bulawayo very soon for an event coming.

Meanwhile, Madam Boss has accepted Mai Titi’s apology through a warm message on her Facebook fan page.

“Dear Felistas Edward : I acknowledge the pain you were in and I’m glad you took responsibility. To err is human, to forgive is divine. We’d our fair share of flaws and unfortunately often at times that sisterhood took away its hit [sic]. I truly accept your apology. I pray for the right vibes and better days to come. Peace is better than war,” she said.


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