08 Sep, 2020 | Posted By: Staff Reporter
Mambo Dhuterere Says Munonyepa I Am Not A One Hit Wonder

Gospel musician Darlington Mutseta, known by his music followers as Mambo Dhuterere, has said the release of his fourth album yesterday proves to critics that he is not a one-hit wonder.

The album — “Zvino Dzimba Ngoni” — comes at a time when some gospel music fans were beginning to doubt Mambo Dhuterere’s pedigree, challenging him to prove his mettle after he recently stormed the music scene with chart-topping songs.

He released albums “Dhuterere” in 2015, “Tsamba” (2018) and “Dare Guru” last year.

“Zvino Dzimba Ngoni”, which carries five songs, was due for release on August 25, but was postponed owing to logistical problems.
The songs on the album are “Zvinonyadzisa”, “Ndabvunza Manuere”, “Kubata Basa”, “Ndinzwe Mambo” and “Kurira Mkundi”.

The album was by yesterday already trending on social media, with “Ndabvunza Manuere” attracting over 13 000 views on Youtube by afternoon.

“My album is out and already some of the songs are on YouTube and I am appreciating how fans are receiving them,” said Mambo Dhuterere. “I take time perfecting my music in the studio, hence some people would end up thinking I am a ‘one-hit wonder’.

“I do not do music for views, but my music is about preaching the gospel and it is the people who make it a hit song. At the same time, I am celebrating the milestone of “Mweya Ndisesekedze”, and “Ahuwerere” which have each reached a million views on social media, showing that people are appreciating my music and I respect that.
“After this new album, some months ahead, the same people will again say I am a one hit wonder. People will always talk, but you just need to stay in focus and true to your calling.”

Mambo Dhuterere, of St John Apostolic Church, said the album was recorded by Makumbe of VOT Studios and inspired by societal settings.

“I sing what I see every day, giving solutions to the society. Surprisingly, my songs are about story telling, hence on this new album there are no collaborations because it is about continuity and the vision I am sharing on the songs.

“Having a collaboration means I would need to sit down again and restructure, compose the song to suit the artiste I am featuring. The messages have depth in the songs and people should take heed and take time to listen before reviewing at an early stage” he said.

“Mostly, like I said, it is not preaching, but I will be advising the community on how best they can deal with a problem.”

Mambo Dhuterere did not rule out collaborations, but said that they will be on singles
“I have a singles collection which will come out later before year end and on that project, I will be having major collaborations. This week I am also dropping visuals for the song “Zvinonyadzisa”, which was shot by Naxo Films.”

On lockdown online shows, Mambo Dhuterere said it was hard for him to have one or partake as he had a large army of band members.

“As you know, my band members are too many, about 10 people, so taking part in lockdown online shows will be tricky and sometimes difficult,” he said.

“First, it depends with the promoter of the show and secondly my band members, because of Covid-19, are scattered everywhere with their families. I can’t do without my band members, but so far I am grateful for the shows that I have taken part in.”


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