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Man Busted After Dressing As Woman To Write Exams For Lover

A lovestruck man was recently busted after he dressed up as a woman for four days so that he could write his lover’s exams.

22-year-old Khadim Mboup made headlines in his country following his antics which were motivated by love. Mboup who is a student at the Gaston Berger de Saint-Louis University, in Diourbel, Senegal, decided to take his girlfriend’s Baccalaureate after realising that she would fail.
Mboup’s girlfriend, 19-year-old Gangué Dioum, was supposed to be taking her high school graduation exams but is reported to have been hopeless in English. The two young lovers hatched an elaborate scheme to ensure that Gangue would pass her exams by any means necessary.

Motivated by his love for his girlfriend, Mboup wore an elaborate female disguise and took his girlfriend’s exams in her stead. The intrepid young lover would wear a long-hair wig partially covered with a traditional scarf, earrings, a dress, bra and even makeup to pull off the disguise.
And it seemed that the plan would work. For three days, Mboup managed to fool the invigilators at the examination centre and wrote his lover’s examinations without incident.

However, on the fourth day, the plan unravelled. One of the invigilators who had noticed something odd about the candidate confronted Mboup and busted him.

The invigilator called the police who arrested Mboup. Following his arrest, Mboup implicated his lover. He led the authorities to the lodge, where his lover was anxiously waiting for him.

The 22-year-old confessed to the crime and told the authorities that he had done all this for love.

“I acted out of love because my girlfriend had serious difficulties with the Englishman,” he said. The two young lovers were both charged with forgery and examination fraud. If they are convicted of the crimes, they risk being banned from participating in any national examinations for 5 years. They also risk a hefty fine and imprisonment of up to 5 years.
A similar situation happened in Zimbabwe in 2017. Liberty Madzinga, a 22-year-old private tutor from Chitungwiza was arrested after he was caught red-handed writing an exam for his 38-year old student.

Madzinga faked a national identification card to sit exams for Tsitsi Chitima at Seke Mhuriimwe High School in Chitungwiza.

Just like Mboup, Madzinga initially managed to deceive invigilators. He was finally arrested on the third day after finishing the English Paper 1 exam. He had successfully managed to write Mathematics Paper 1 and Commerce paper 1.

Tsitsi told local publication H-Metro,

“I was not prepared for the examination and I agreed to pay Liberty part payments until he finished writing all the three subjects for me.

“My husband was not aware of the deal, I failed the three subjects in 1997 and I decided to make this deal so as to apply for employment.


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