08 Feb, 2021 | Posted By: Staff Reporter
Married Woman Now Pfambi Along Mufakose Railwa Line

A married woman is among thigh vendors, due to lockdown measure, are operating on railway line along Mufakose Road where they are doing their s_ex work in the vicinity of cops manning a roadblock.

The thigh vendors are operating without exemption letters but, however, collaborate with some police officers manning the nearby block for protection.

Taking advantage of tall grass along the railway line, commercial s_ex workers are risking their lives and that of clients to Covid-19.

One of the s_ex workers only identified as Patience caught exposing her body along the railway line told H-Metro that they had teamed up with some men who protect them from attacks and warn them of law enforcement agencies during the act.

“Usazodaro wangu ini ukandiburitsa unenge watoparadza imba yangu nekuti ndine murume asi nzara ndiyo yanetsa mumba saka kuzoswera tichirohwa nezuva tirimunjanji muno,” said Patience.
“To be honest we are here to make money and we have engaged some men who protect us from those who do not want to pay for services rendered.

“They also warn us of any coming law enforcers so that we disappear.
“We do not pay them by offering our bodies but they target some of our clients by robbing them of their belongings while we will be having bush s_ex.

“We need to feed the body that works and we make sure we are safe from trains and police officers,” she said.

 According to H-Metro, a number of passengers being dropped along Lyton Road and passing through the railway line to avoid a police checkpoint near the flyover.
“Hatina matsamba ekufambisa saka tichipinda nemuhuswa umu kunzvenga mapurisa asi zvatiri kuoona zvakaoma vakadzi vakashama,” said one of the pedestrians.


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