24 Jul, 2021 | Posted By: Staff Reporter
Mary Chiwenga Speaks On Her 40th Birthday I Married Chiwenga For Love & Not For Money

Vice President Constantino Chiwenga’s estranged wife Marry Mubaiwa Chiwenga has opened up on her failed relationship ahead of her 40th birthday. The former model insisted that she did not marry her powerful husband for his wealth. Instead, she says she was attracted by the wealth in his heart, his gentleness and his love and knowledge of God.

The former model and Vice President Chiwenga were married for 10 years in a union that produced three children. However, the two are currently engaged in a highly contentious divorce after things soured in 2019.

Seemingly reminiscing on her life and relationship ahead of her birthday, Marry posted on social media.

As I turn 40 tomorrow (Thursday 22, July), I thank God for the life that he has thrown @Me, the weight I have had to carry, the humiliation that I suffered at the hands of my other half, the baseless accusations and the weight of his instructions and authority. Evil eye.

I didn’t marry the material wealth, I married the wealth that was in his heart, the gentle touch of his hand, the knowledge of God, his understanding of what my heart wanted, he understood the person that I was, the me that I am today, focused, forgiving and forward-thinking.

Marry also expressed her anguish and heartbreak at her failure to see her children. She accused the Vice President of abusing his powers as a senior public office holder by denying her the right to see her three children aged 10, 9 and 7.

I am going to be 4ty tomorrow and just wishing and wanting and waiting for my children Tendai, Christian and Michael to be with me. What kind of a father denies his children which he claims to love the right to be with their mother and vice-versa. Where is God when you need him?

According to Marry, the marriage between the two broke down somewhere between July and November 2019 at the time when Vice President Chiwenga was critical and fighting for his life following allegations that he could have been poisoned.

Since then Marry has been arrested several times and is facing attempted murder charges. This is after the Vice President alleged that Marry tried to kill him while he lay incapacitated in a hospital in South Africa. She is also facing charges of money laundering and externalizing foreign currency.

The embattled Marry and Vice President Chiwenga are also engaged in a messy child custody battle. She has been accused of being an unfit mother and a drug addict who is psychologically unwell to look after children.



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