31 Mar, 2020 | Posted By: Staff Reporter
Mashura Prophet Madungwe I Have A Meeting With God To Decide Where to Send Sypho

Prophet T Madungwe popularly known for his claims to visit heaven and talk to God frequently said that he was going to heaven to decide the fate of the boy, suggesting Sipho.

Prophet Madungwe also in a previous Instagram post claims to have visited heaven and saw a hand sanitiser by the heavens gates while there were a lot of people from different nations outside.

In the same post he said he was sent by God to go and get another Sanitiser and on his way he met Oliver Mtukudzi whom he said is now a messenger of God.

Prophet Madungwe has over the past years shocked a lot of people with his stories of visiting God and having meetings with him and the angels. Recently he said that during one of his visits to heaven God said Corona Virus will end soon but as long as people do not repent the disease will not end.


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