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16 Nov, 2021 | Posted By: Staff Reporter
Mike Mathetha Blood Diamond To Make Debut At UFC 271 vs Orion Cosce

Zimbabwean born, New Zealand based martial arts star Mike Mathetha is set to make history as the first Zimbabwean to feature in the Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC).

Mike better known by his stage name ‘Blood Diamond’ make his debut at UFC 271 against American star Orion Cosce.

Mike will go against formidable challenger Cosce on the 12th of February, 2020. The location and venue of the match are yet to be announced.

Mathetha is the first Zimbabwean to have signed a contract with the US-based promotion company. He was awarded a four-fight contract in the UFC’s welterweight division in July this year. Mike specialises mostly in kick boxing and holds three professional MAA fights to his credit. He has a current winning record of 3-0. He is all set for his fourth one.

Cosce will be looking to cover up for his first defeat. After running off seven straight finishes to start his pro career, the Contender Series contract winner was stopped by Philip Rowe in his octagon debut in July. Mathetha moved to New Zealand with his family at the age of 14 in 2003.


Speaking about his new achievement Mathetha said he was happy to give Zimbabweans someone they could support in the UFC.

“Becoming the first Zimbabwean in the UFC is something cool to be honest, being first in something is just wow,” Mathetha said.

“For me it’s going to be like I’ve accomplished something other people have not managed to do.

“Yeah, there are quite a few Africans in the UFC, but just being the first Zimbabwean to be signed is such a cool thing. Now Zimbabwean fans will have someone to support.” He also added that he hopes to inspire upcoming fighters.

“I hope I can inspire someone. If I can at least inspire one person, they hear my story and decide to chase their dream,

“I’m happy with that. All I need is just one person,” he said.


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