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01 Apr, 2020 | Posted By: Staff Reporter
Mthuli Ncube’s Wife Unleashes Drama At Harare Hotel Over Jackie Ngarande Affair

FINANCE and Economic Development Minister Professor Mthuli Ncube’s wife on Wednesday morning unleashed hell at a Harare hotel over the Treasury Chief’s alleged romantic affair with socialite Jackie Ngarande, with hotel security struggling to separate the two ladies away from each other as they traded blows.

Professor Ncube, who has been staying at the five-star Harare hotel since his appointment to President Mnangagwa’s Cabinet in September 2018, was reportedly caught unawares when his wife visited from Switzerland upon sniffing rumours he was seeing the top Harare model.

Social media reports last week claimed Ngarande was recently on a shopping spree in New York on the Minister’s deep pockets and generous funding.

Reports also said another Harare socialite, businesswoman and former Big Brother Africa housemate Pokello Nare acted as the pimp that linked Ngarande to Mthuli at a State function last year December.

“It wa full drama and a half at the hotel (name provided) this Wednesday morning,” said a source to this publication. “Mthuli never imagined that his wife would corner him in the act as all international flights have been suspended in the wake of the coronavirus pandemic.

“However, his wife, a woman of means in her own right, arranged a private jet flight with the help of the wife of a top Zimbabwean banker now resident in Malaysia.

“It was drama best served cold as the wife budged into an executive suite on the sixth floor of the hotel, bumping into a sizzling hot Ngarande as she was brushing her teeth

According to the source, it was full drama as toothbrushes, bathroom towels, soaps and even female underwear were thrown both ways as the ladies aimed for each other’s throat.

“Police who were nearby enforcing a 21-day national lockdown compliance had to come in to assist hotel security handle the catfight which was fast getting out of hand, as Mthuli’s wife was now talking something about a pistol in her handbag.

“God knows what could have happened of at all she had drawn the pistol, assuming she even had one,” said the hotel employee.

According to the same source, the wife of the Finance Minister also mentioned that Mthuli is not new to small house sagas as he fathered a boy with a former Bulawayo radio personality some eight years ago.

A few month ago, Mthuli Ncube posed for a photo with an eight-year old boy who he said was just his namesake.

“Well, the wife said something about Mthuli having a son with a Bulawayo lady who is now running businesses in three SADC countries.

“As police finally restrained the bloodletting women, Mthuli was hiding in a hotel bathroom, apparently making hushed phone calls to some media guys to make sure the story would not find its way into mainstream media.”

According to the source, police were not interested in opening a docket as the matter “would attract too much heat on a Cabinet Minister.”

The source said Jackie Ngarande was escorted to safety by police officials and she sped off in her top-of-the-range BMW 5 series sedan.

Police spokesperson, Senior Assistant Commissioner Paul Nyathi said police records showed that nothing of the sort happened.

Meanwhile, reports say the Finance Minister was seriously considering resigning from Cabinet over the drama.


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