06 Jul, 2020 | Posted By: Staff Reporter
Mudiwa Hood Responds & Denies Cheating Allegations By Ex Wife Angelica

Mudiwa Hood is firing back at his ex-wife after she posted on his photo with thier child that Mudiwa Hodd was using thier child as a prop in his fake life. Mudiwa and his wife divorced in February and she is still beiiter accusing him of cheating. seeher comments below.

Mudiwa responded with the folling message.
Its Unlike me adressing my personal issues on social media, but lest yal think i cheated, it is all LIES! We broke up in Feb and i was quiet all this time till few days ago...

Please do NOT believe every accusation, i did NOT cheat on anyone. These are unfounded accusations, Let her bring evidence, the people, the events and witnesses if she may choose.
I am filing for a lawsuit for defamation of character.

I made a lot of sacrifices growing my clean brand, not one lie will soil it for me. I never cheated before marriage, why will i start in marriage? Its all lies meant to tarnish me.

As a matter of principle, I will not say anything at all about her...She is the mother of my son...Even in dissapointment, pain and anger i choose to respect her.

Kindly Note: I am not open for any interviews unless Zvine maUS mukati...otherwise ngatitsvage mari amana...



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