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Mudiwa Lyon Breaks her Silence Says Her Husband Dziva Is Ketinas Baby Daddy

Socialite Mudiwa Lyon has broken her silence and has admitted that Ketinas baby's father is her husband Dziva. Tatelicious revealed that Dziva was the father of Ketinas baby but people did not believe the queen of entertainment. Cookie also revealed that she has been sick from Covid-19 so she could not talk about the situation until now. Watch the video below.

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Ketina Socialite From Ireland Blasts Tatelicious Musatanyoko
Ketina a Zimbabwean based socialite and business woman based in Ireland who has been trending on social media after her fight with queen of Guhwa Evidence Chihera is up in arms with Tatelicious. Ketina did a Facebook live video in which she blasted Tatelicious and did not hold back. 
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Ireland based Zimbabwean Woman, Ketina Annania, provided free entertainment to Zimbabweans on Facebook after she had a meltdown that lasted over 4 hours.

Police had to be called to Ketinna’s house to calm her down. When police arrived at her house, they told her she could continue with her live broadcast but ordered her to stop mentioning the names of certain people.
Ketina, was set off after other Zimbabwean bloggers, Evidence And Rutendo Loveness made a video exposing her secrets.

Ketina was last year shamed after n_ude pictures and videos of her were leaked on the internet.

Ketinna’s Allegations Against Saru and Mai Saru

1. Sibongile Deka (Mai Saru) deceived her mother to leave her home and go into Asylum. This left her unable to work as her children had no one to take care of them. This resulted in her relationship with her mother breaking down and they did not talk to each other for months.
2. In 2013, Sarudzai Furusa got charms from Ketinna’s mother to pacify her husband, Oscar Black (A g_ay Nigerian). Ketina said she and Saru gave Oscar all sorts of black Juju.

3. Ketinna threatened to reveal what Saru said about Olga Rutendo.

4. Natasha Mizha Deka came into Ireland using Sarudzai Deka’s passport. Ketina said she will phone immigration and report this.

5. Mai Saru has HIV and its making her crazy.

6. Someone was caught by immigration with Saru’s passport and Saru claimed the passport was stolen.

7. Ketina said she never texted Saru’s husband Oscar Black as alleged.

8. Mai Saru told Evidence that Ketinna’s mother has HIV. Ketina challenged everyone to go for an HIV test.

9. Mai Saru was sleeping with the husband of a woman from Blackpool. He used to pick up Mai Saru from Ketinna’s Saloon.

10. Saru’s brother in America was given charms by his wife to pacify him. Saru claimed that Furusa in America killed their grandmother for black magic to make money.

11. Saru went to a witch doctor to break up Oscar with a girl from Limerick.

12. Ketina said Mai Saru broke up her marriage with her husband, Chris and asked him to Marry Saru who is 21 instead of Ketina who is old.

13. Mai Saru was telling Chris that Ketina was dating other men.

14. Ketina said Chris respects that he has kids with her and he will come back.


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