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15 Jun, 2020 | Posted By: Staff Reporter
MvengeMvenge Public Relations Director Breaks His Silence

Dear Zimbabweans,

I am authoring this missive in my professional capacity as the PR Director of Mvenge Mvenge Group . We have noted , with grave perplexity, an exponential upsurge in toxic tattles being mischievously and maliciously spewed to systematically and chronically tarnish the image of Mvenge Mvenge. We are cognizant of the reality that this is a recurring  phenomenon. 

Mendaciously and maliciously, the harbingers of this toxic falsehood are baselessly arguing that this group is doing more harm than good to the society . As a matter of fact, and for the avoidance of doubt, Mvenge Mvenge is here to educate , entertain, enrich, empower, employ , energize and more importantly encompass . Our mission statement is very clear . As outlined by our internal constitution, we are a Zimbabwean group that philanthropically serves the community. The aforesaid are the guidelines that formulate the framework of our operations . 

Evidently, we are the leading group in Zimbabwe. Numbers do not lie, and more importantly, we passed the litmus test of time . All the trials and tribulations that we have encountered as a group over the years have made us stronger and more effective . Be that as it may, and for the avoidance of doubt, we are not creating a monopoly . In fact , we have supported others groups that are germinating in the streets of social media. 

We would like to advise everyone to dismiss with a flicker of a hand , all the toxic falsehoods being mischievously and maliciously peddled by the harbingers of gossip/ tattle. Check the archives of all the philanthropic gestures that have been exhibited by Mvenge Mvenge . We have created the platform to help the downtrodden, the voiceless - the least of these. 

Let it be know that Mvenge Mvenge is going no where . As a bonafide leader in Zimbabwe we expect these bickering by small fishes to be extinguished with time . These are mere tattles . 

If you have any suggestions to make our group better, we welcome such feedback . Please furnish your input through the established protocols! 

I thank you Zimbabweans . May the Omnipotent ( God) bless Zimbabwe ! 

Yours Truly, 

PR Director of Mvenge Mvenge 

Nigel Denzel Gwirikwiti


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