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22 Dec, 2019 | Posted By: Staff Reporter
Nigel Gwirikwiti Analysis Acie Lumumba Ideologically . Undeniably Is Intelligent

I have always vehemently differed with my eloquently spoken brother Acie Lumumba ideologically. Undeniably, my brother is intelligent . Regrettably, he uses his intelligence to sneakily , whimsically manipulate others,  for personal gain . Peculiarly, his vacillating / flip flopping propensities makes him a political prostitute. That’s my only bone of contention , with my brother Acie Lumumba .

Regrettably, a circulating photo of Lumumba wherein he lost a lot of weight , has ignited the streets of social media to mercilessly crucify him. Clearly , from the public eye,  he did not pass their yardstick for a healthy person . Consequently, the diagnosis are already being announced by the public . In fact , some are giving prescriptions on social media. 

The reality is that there are so many factors that make people lose weight . The following are plausible  , in Lumumba’s case : 

i) the stress of losing both of his parents in the  same year 

ii) doctor could have told him he is obese. So he is on a diet to lose weight.Remember obesity is measured  using BMI not the naked eye. 

iii)stress because of economic hardships 

iv) women are emotionally intelligent, they can emotionally , spiritually drain a man . That’s why statistically the suicidal rate is higher among men compared to women . 

v) it could be he is sick

I am honestly hoping that the speculations emanating from the streets of social media are far from the truth . Notwithstanding highlighting the above plausible circumstances, I am intellectually cognizant of the truism that I am not privy to his specific circumstance. Consequently, I plead the fifth!


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