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19 Apr, 2020 | Posted By: Staff Reporter
Nigel Gwirikwiti Analysis On President Mnangagwa

Countrymen, statesmen, citizens, kith and kin lend me your ears . Palpably, a catastrophic phenomenon is looming in Zimbabwe . It’s imminently approaching .

The proactiveness, preparedness or lack thereof , any nation , is predetermined by the propensity to govern , by its leader . Under these extenuating circumstances, a good leader will have a solid plan A and a contingency plan- just in case of any eventuality. 

I attentively watched and listened as Mr Lipstick addressed the nation . Clearly, he is clueless. Notwithstanding the reality that any sane , progressive citizen will endorse the extension of the lockdown , by Mr Lipstick. The poor methodology and lack thereof solid, effective logistics , to make sure citizenry will not perish of hunger , is more worrisome than Coronavirus itself. 

I understand: to arrest and proactively truncate this unprecedented malady is administratively cumbersome , logistically tiresome and tactically challenging . Be that as it may , having historicized and contextualized the situation in Zimbabwe , If I were the President of the Republic, I would :

i) extend the lockdown for another month 
ii) increase testing 
iii) make sure all citizenry in need of food during lockdown are provided for 
iv) embark on a massive cleaning of the cities , public areas and fixing of roads while no one is on the roads 
vii) all hospitals are revamped 
viii) essential workers, who are putting their lives in harm’s way are protected and paid accordingly 
ix) use my international influence to seek aid to make sure we are well prepared . 
x) sincerely with transparency update citizens on a daily basis 

The above steps will lessen the casualties, they will not stop the looming of the malady . Regrettably, the Republic is going to pay dearly because of lack of preparedness by Mr Lipstick’s . It’s felonious, in fact treasonous for an administration to adopt to management by crisis approach instead of proactively orchestrated structures in place to prepare for this catastrophe. 

Winter is coming . Diasporans , we need to start to have a plan for our people in Zimbabwe . I am losing sleep over what will become of our people this winter !!


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