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Nigel Gwirikwiti Analysis Zimbabwe Narrative In 20 Years

Twenty years from now , this is how I will narrate it to my son:-

Once upon a time, in the two thousand and eighteenth year, the seventh month ;there was pandemonium in the Kingdom. An ambience of hopelessness prevailed . 

Constantino,son of Chiwenga and Mary, daughter of Mubaiwa became frail due to an unnatural malady. They nicodemusly went to the neighboring Kingdom, to seek medical treatment. Julius, son of Malema rebuked them and ordered their return to their Kingdom.

The news of their unnatural malady was greeted with jubilee.Constantino , son of Chiwenga was an evil -doer. He was hated by citizens.

Constantino, son of Chiwenga sent her niece, as the harbinger, to seek counsel of the sorcerer Alph, the son of Lukau. The sorcerer googled in the air and said “ The Kingdom is pregnant with witchcraft. Chiwenga stepped on a lion’s tail “ . The sorcerer advised that if Constantino does not acknowledge him, his death will be imminent and forthwith . Alph , the son of Lukau was a sorcerer masquerading as the man of the cloth . 

Two days after the sorcerer spoke , Constantino was seen back in his Kingdom! He was seen together with Emerson, the son of Mnangagwa. Citizens were disappointed seeing Constantino alive! They wanted him dead! Alph, the son of Lukau became the most hated person in the Kingdom. He was blamed for the recovery of the evil doer -Constantino. Alph , the son of Lukau was the sorcerer who resurrected ELiot , the the son of Moyo  in a very dramatic stunt . The news of Elliot’s resurrection spread like wild fire to neighboring Kingdoms and beyond . 

It came to pass that in the year two thousand and nineteen , the twenty first century of the Anno Domini era Constantino,  son of Chiwenga became frail again . He was sent far beyond for medical treatment. Miraculously, he came back fit as a fiddle . He accused Mary daughter of Mubayiwa to have poisoned him . She was sent to prison for a long time as an outlaw . 

The following months, in the eleventh month  of the succeeding year ; a deed without a name happened. Both Constantino, son of Chiwenga and Emerson , son of Mnangagwa died mysteriously from an unknown malady.

In chronological order , this is the epoch of Constantino son of Chiwenga and Emerson son of Mnangagwa . 

Son, miraculously Chamisa became the King  of the Kingdom . You see all these bullet trains and spaghetti roads ; at first people thought he was sheer hallucinating! All these happenings transpired one score ( 20 years ) ago .


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