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02 May, 2020 | Posted By: Staff Reporter
Nigel Gwirikwiti Robert Mugabe Speech On COVID-19 If Still Alive

Robert Gabriel Mugabe was an evil man . Be that as it may , he was a very intelligent man. In fact , during his epoch , he was the most educated Head of States , not only in Africa but worldwide . Internationally  and regionally, he was known for his shrewdness , sophism , intellectualism and magniloquence .

Hypothetically, had the wrath of Covid19 descended on us during his epoch , this is the speech he would have eloquently furnish to Zimbabwe :

Fellow Zimbabweans, we are facing an unprecedented malady that requires unorthodox approach to truncate it .Conventional means won’t serve us from the wrath of this pandemic. 

My government is mobilizing , we are in constant contact with regional and international leaders to make sure  that we work together with collegiality , to find a panacea for this malady . We are Zimbabweans first and world citizens second . But I will not accept any imperialistic agendas,  using this pandemic  as a conduit to colonize us . Zimbabwe will never be a colony again . Boris Johnson can keep his England and I will keep my Zimbabwe . We need the sanctions removed henceforth. They are satanic and crippling our people . They are punishing us for taking back our land . 

We are a sovereign nation, peace loving people . I ask you to lawfully abide by the physical distancing rules and regulations that we have provided . Ours is not “ social distancing “ , it’s “ physical distance” . During the physical distancing period ,  you are not socially distancing yourself from others . We are a communal people . Consequently, use virtual technology to socially interact unlimited . 

I can assure you that we will prevail,  in the fullness of time. We are a very resilient, progressive people . Collegially, let’s work together with one common purpose. 

Covid19 yavhundutsa vanhuka. Nyika dzese dzavhunduka! 

May God bless Zimbabwe !Take good care of yourselves . 

Asante sana!


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