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26 Dec, 2019 | Posted By: Staff Reporter
Passion Java To Erect Twabam Billboards

FLAMBOYANT Prophet Passion Java is set to erect billboards in Harare with each costing 2000USD for the next few months.

The controversial prophet will erect twenty billboards written Twabam which has become his signature statement.

Locations on where the billboard will be erected will be confirmed tomorrow.

Java has become undoubtedly one of the most influential rich man in Zimbabwe and this move is likely to show his prominence over other self titled rich men in Zimbabwe.

Passion Java is likely to become the first person to ever do a thing of a kind in Zimbabwe.

 It is believed only companies or show hypes are the only things which lead to the erecting of billboards to create awareness.

In an interview with Sam Matema who clenched the deal with the USA based prophet he said it was an honor working with him.

“It's was a pleasure working with any client that sticks to the letter and spirit of the agreement, and prophet Passion is one such client. 

“We gave him a special rate of $2000 per billboard, printing and installation was pro bono because it's a church program,” said Matema

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Flamboyant Prophet Passion Java criticized for showing off

Prophet Passion Java is one of Zimbabwe’s popular prophets whose fame has been through performing astonishing miracles

Passion Java remarried his first ex-wife Lily Tsegaye an Ethiopian nationality in 2016 after divorcing Prophetess Yasmin the previous year. The young prophet had a son with Prophetess Yasmin during the course of their marriage, Uebert Java whom they had named after his then Spiritual father Uebert Angel.

Well known for his heavy presence on social media, the young prophet has been on news not only for his ability to perform miracles but also for his flamboyant lifestyle which has led many to be skeptical of him.

Java was once alleged to have spent over USD 500 000 in one shopping spree where he bought three top of the range motor vehicles, which included two Range Rovers and a Jaguar
The charismatic fashioned preacher is also heavily criticized by many for his dedicated sponsorship to Zim dancehall music, as many find it improper for a servant of God to sponsor secular music.

Asked about their thoughts and standing on these issues, his Kingdom Embassy church responded in a statement saying,

“We are being attacked as a Ministry, instead of people appreciating the social responsibility programs our Papa is doing there and they are persecuting us.

“Pastors have stopped preaching about Jesus Christ on their pulpits and they are now attacking our prophet.“Prophet Passion is a blessed man, he bought a Lamborghini and he has also a deal with Gucci when we publicize those things our aim is to show what God can do.”

“In every church there are testimonies, so what is wrong with papa testifying on social media platform.”

In June 2015, Java had claimed to have had connections with the Jabula Ministries founder Tudor Bismark, which the Bishop greatly denied saying he had never had any relation or interaction whatsoever with the prophet. In a written statement, Bishop Bismark distanced himself from Java and Uebert Angel saying, “We, Chichi and I, and the ministries under our covering do not endorse Passion Java and Uebert Angel, or do we fellowship with them in any way. We have not sent them, they do not represent us in any way.”

The prophet, however, continues with ministry and other side projects he has says he passionate about doing like producing music. He says he sees no harm in how he lives, he won’t be showing off but living.


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