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Prophet Emmanuel Makandiwa – Ndinoziva Munhu Who Started With Coronavirus

Prophet Emmanuel Makandiwa – Ndinoziva Munhu Who Started With Coronavirus

Reffering to  his 2017 prophecy concerning corona virus, Prophet Emmanuel Makandiwa said:

*I said it is a plague and it moves by air and there is a creature that I saw… and it’s (the virus) faster than any other disease known to man.

It will make educated people cry. It is a bird of the air because it moves by air.

*Covering your nose won’t help cz it can get into you through your ears cz it’s a fowl if the air

*The numbers you’re hearing about affected people are a lie cz they are trying to manage it.

*Can you imagine China shutting down, where are we going. Add 5 more months and you’ll see. Wasn’t that 2017 when the prophecy was given.

*How can you see that unless you have dominionThousands are falling like leaves because of this virus.

*Nyika hainetse kuvhara munodonha senhunzi kana mosquito it’s a plague and only spiritual people can stop it!

*All these years in labs and pharmacies creating medicines and yet this plague only responds to dominion. It is way above the level of medicines.

*You must now be clever as a prophet cz if you stop this before the toll reaches millions people will say it’s a lieI saw the guy fishing the creature with the virus out of the water and eating it initiating the start of the plague.

*I even know his name.

*The time that you quarantine people it will already be late cz it can hide as it is passing on to other people while faking dormancy and by the time the infected person succumbs the others handling him will already be infected

*There are people right now wearing masks but already with the virus.

I told you I saw people falling in the city, I told you it was tiresome going into the future and seeing people falling like that and like I said we can pray against cz I don’t really enjoy seeing negative prophesies coming to pass. We have to stop it.

*The plague is coming to challenge the intelligence of the learned. I hear they are building massive hospitals in less that 1 week.

Unofficially the number is said to be 75000 of the people affected and in every 6 and 1/2 days the number tends to double


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