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Prophet Madungwe Update Satan To Appear At Heveanly Court July 20

Popular Zimbabwena Prophet Madungwe has an update to tell the world. His message is that he arrested Satan a few weeks ago and that satan will be going infront of the Heavenly Army Court on 20 July 2020. Prophet Madungwe claims he has been to heavent multiple times having meetings with God. Watch his latest video below.

Prophet Madungwe has shared stories of how God had visited him and how he cooked beeef for God and his angels.

Vakabhekerwa zvinhu zvine flour, vakatodya Mwari!”

Self proclaimed Prophet Madungwe , who says he usually has personal encounters with God and has seen him several times has said something again and this time it’s not a message.
Just like any other Prophet, Prophet Madungwe sort to authenticate himself as a true prophet of God and this time he says he had a feast with God.

According to him they ate and left some of the fryed beef that God took back to heaven!?
Believers where you at? They say they is no feeding of food in heaven but Prophet Madungwe is saying otherwise! Where is our country going? Where are these prophets taking us to? Heaven or Hell?

Do you think this Prophet is psychologically okay?
Prophet Madungwe is known for his bewildering claims, he once claimed he had supper with God, had a wrestling match with God and even had a braai with the Almighty.

Most view him as deranged but he always sticks to his word and seems unfazed by public opinion.
Popular Zimbabwean prophet Talent Madungwe has claimed that the recently deceased basketball legend Kobe Bryant is now in heaven.
Madungwe who is known for his outrageous claims when it comes to heavenly matters said that he personally approved of Kobe’s entry into heaven together with God and Jesus in an emergency meeting.

Kobe Bryant latest

“During the emergency heavenly meeting God,Christ and prophet Madungwe gave Kobe Bryant automatic heavenly entry

Christ gave the thief the automatic heavenly entry on cross” wrote Madungwe on social media

In the past he has stated that musicians Oliver Mtukudzi and Tongai Moyo were given an automatic entry into heaven.

Last year Madungwe revealed the afterlife fate of entertainers like Beverly Sibanda and Vimbayi Zimuto, Zodwa Wabantu by declaring that they are going to burn in hell.

Madungwe claimed they are agents of darkness therefore they would be consumed by the hellfire.
He said the actions of women like Vimbai Zimuto and Bev are causing the rise of sin in Zimbabwe.

These women (Vimbai, Bev and Zodwa) are agents of the kingdom of darkness. Their mission is to promote prostitution, adultery, destroy marriages and lead men astray,” said Madungwe in an interview.

“They have a place prepared for them in hell.”

I saw them being denied entry into the heavenly gates by the heavenly army because of their bad deeds and they’ll be immediately sent to hell,” said Madungwe

The prophet is not stranger to controversial claims including claims that he once arrested Satan, had a braai fest with God Almighty and once had a wrestling match with God and emerged as the victor.

Madungwe also claims to be  the Deputy of Heaven’s army.




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