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18 Sep, 2022 | Posted By: Staff Reporter
Shadaya Odzura Zim Male Musicians Choya NeMvura Inotonhora

One shouldn't really expect much from majority of these Zim male musicians, they're ultra simps, it's all evident in their lifestyles & their lyrics. Majority of them di3 broke, despite having made so much money in their prime, all because of wvmen. They lack any sexual discipline, that's how they'll catch STIs & have multiple kids with low quality wvmen. I mean just digest this:

•Tytan is literally Olinda's toy

•Stunner is a 40 yr old teenager with nasty divorces to his name

•Oskid literally forgave his cheating wife

•Andy Muridzo inserting his m@nhood in the same hole that fit alcohol bottles

•Kae Chaps he is ever crying in all his songs because of wvmen

•Ex Q he is ever praising the worst choices of wvmen (single moms, ho3s, older wvmen)

•Roki a generational talent that never reached it's full potential all because of baby mama drama

•Baba Harare all he ever sings is about bedroom antics with low quality wvmen

I can go on & on, but you can see there's nothing much to be desired from these guys. If you religiously follow their lifestyles & choose to adopt it, you're headed on a path of misery. And their music, majority of them, it's full of feminine energy. Their approach, style, idiom & messaging is promoting simping like ever.

You need to understand music is a powerful tool for mind control. You become what you consume. Continuously listening to music that worships wvmen or encourages sexual escapades with low quality wvmen, you will end up adopting that lifestyle.

That's how most of you end up becoming simps, all because of your choice in role models & taste in music. This simp-ish music will rewire your neural plasticity. When you listen to a song again and again, it sticks in your mind, it rewires your neural networks into the intentions of the song. When the song plays, it beeps images into your mind that associates with that particular song. If the song is about crying because a woman dumped a guy, you'll end up crying when dumped as well. If it's about sexual escapades with prostitut3s, you'll find yourself hiring one for the night. If it's about dating an older wvmen, you'll see nothing wrong dating one.

You need to carefully select role models & filter extensively the music you listen to.

Learn or perish!!!



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