27 Feb, 2020 | Posted By: Staff Reporter
Social Media Blasts Tytan & Lawyer Rumbidzai Bvunzawabaya For Kufumura Olinda Chapel

The Zimbabwean social media community is not happy with Ndokubata Bho hitmaker and his LawyerRumbidzai Bvunzawabaya after they plotted to ruin Olinda Chapel by exposing her HIV status on their talk show. Zimbabwean on social media are not happt with the Lawyer for givng Tytan advice to expose Glinda Chapels secret when it should of been Olindas right to reveal her Status. Below are comments from people on social media.

I dont have a horse in this race but for Disclosing someone's status, sisi Tytan must fall. #GameKufumurana

agree with Olinda . Tytan was as poor as a mouse in Zimbabwe. He only had one song - Mukoko 

Lawyer rino furira that’s why she blocked comments on her YouTube channel nekuti she knew she was going to reveal someone’s medical history

That audio so yakazopera ini ndimi prayer I just knew she is a phoney ane guhwa Lawyer she should be working in entertainment industry not legal services

Rumbi only did it for her youtube channel to get views and Subs asi Tytan ndiye azvivharira game rake re visa

Things happening in the Zimbabwean community are too much . Twabam nekoko, Mai TT uko , Tytan ndekuno. Definitely mombe dzehumai dzisina kubvisa dzakunetsa vanhu

this idiot to you do this to baby mama ...anotoda petticoat

Tytan is very cruel to expose your status like that it is very evil of him

HIV is a life changing illness Oc was robbed from disclosing ega. It’s a pity she is now having to make a call to clear the air. Pple shud always put the kids 1st. This is very distasteful. Amai Sean be strong you have your kids to fall back on and a beautiful girl came becoz of this relationship.

Olinda leave that katsuro let him go back to Zim

Tytan and lawyer have dug themselves a very big and deep grave

Ko Tytan adii angodzoka kuZim,the way hez fighting though,its true kuti aigoda kuwana visa nxiii.thats why i like s.a a bit cz men like these can be dealt with faster faster.It is well Olinda..

ytan said he was taking PrEP which means Olinda told him because PrEP stands for Pre-Exposure Prophylaxis which means Tytan wakaudzwa zimushurugwi chairo.

Pple don't understand Olinda bcoz she talks too much but Tytan is very wrong,imboko yemunhu

Be careful when you say such sensitive things young man to a woman in the UK .Welcome to Zim

Look guys if tytan knew Olinder is positive this means he only needed to get in Europe that’s all period Pooh

So Tytan says he gave his daughter medications till she was cleared of it .Is this young man aware when a child's status is checked if cleared or not .Tytan it is done at 18mnths .You left when your daughter was a few months old .There is no way any GP would have given the conclusion that your daughter is cleared .At the time you left the child still had the mother's antibodies to conclude being cleared or not .Medication is given to mommy at pregnancy & baby receives drops at birth .So what are you talking about young man ?

e is very desperate, frustration over his stay.Very bitter to the extent of ensuring he leaves her destroyed if he is to be deported # desparado#

Is Tytan also letting the other girls know about this status

Tytan is behaving immaturely ,you need a mature person who will love you the way you are .I stand for WOMEN .Olinda stay strong love 

Olinda please don't break down ndozvikudiwa na tytan so that he gets child custody and stays in UK. This was planned saka watogona hauna kuita break down stay strong and prove to him nd his people that you can stand any tytanic


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