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31 Aug, 2020 | Posted By: Staff Reporter
Stunner Bashes Olinda Chapel Akandichemera

Stunner was live on Instagram with Moana and took at Swing at Ex wife Olinda Chapel saying ndakachemerwa. Stunner was comparing the size of  his manhood with Mandal when he told Moana. 

"Tell Mandla kana ane hombe kupfura yangu akambochemerwa here  Ini ndakachemerwa. Comment section on the live started going wild as they all figured out Stunner was talking about Olinda  Chapel who broke the internet crying for Stunner. When he cheated on her with now wife Dyonne Tanaka. Watch the video below for what Stunner says.

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SOCIALITE and businesswoman, Olinda Chapel, is at it again!

This time around she has torched a Twitter storm for mocking her former husband Desmond “Stunner” Chideme’s manhood.

In a post accompanied with a picture of her with the flamboyant rapper in their good old days, Olinda offered to give 1000 pounds to stunner if his manhood can be eight inches long.

“I will Give #Stunner 1000 pounds if his Manhood is more than 8 inches long,” reads the tweet. Eight inches equates to 20.3 centimetres.

The tweet however exposed the socialite to criticism from the public with the majority saying she misses stunner.

On the other hand, some people said she is just exposing how bad her current husband, Tytan, is for failing to quench her sexual desires.

Below are some of the people’s reactions taken from instagram podium, minutes after the post:

Zimbo-ngoda- In other words sisi Chapero is not getting enough from Lil Tytan and miss the Stunner Guy. Haha @stunnerzim vakamuzvambura zvegore rese i wonder if she can go a day asina kufunga ari pamusoro pa Stunner just saying but i read minds too. Idzo Tytan kare kedu taimati mafudza tikame.

Gwyn-23- Are you trying to remain relevant….coz honestly  had forgotten u still exists @lee-chapel anyway its working for u but in the wrong way u should be working on ur foundation and doing good in the world then offer the pounds to let us know how long stunners di** is coz you already know that answer.
Zimcelebfashion- Guys @tytan-theone musatombomunzwire Tsitsi akutoita mari from Olinda and her stupidity. Kwaari ritori graft. He is clearly Gay i don’t know kuti vanhu imi makapusa to this level sei.Apa in UK he fu***d 2 women ne 8 inches idzodzo @dyonne-tanaka should be wise pachiine time.

Issa-gold-rose @bustoptv tytan haskunatsobata basa he is just a rebound one can clearly see that.

Zimcelebsfashion- Guys mukuonan kuti chii. Tytan atori pa graftn and mari arikuiita sekuseka. Tytan anga aita maths dazke kare the moment olinda akaburitsa nyaya achiti adyiwa mari. Tytan anga ato calculator kare kuti muchembere unoda Mbiri. Akabva ainvester pa ndichakubata bho knowing well kuti muchembere will respond. Saka zvekuti  tytan na Olinda vakudanana ndokunonnzi kunyeba. Tytan atori Gay Boy pachake. Tarisa the way yaano rova ma jive. Even kumeso kwake chaiko haana ka that kane vamwee varume….anyway he has nothing lose even if Olinda akanzi she fu***d stunner ku London uko. Iye anoziva chii? Ndi job role racho.

Chiedza-nano- @mercybubbles@tasha.jae Olinda aisuwa ka ya stunner.

Contacted for a comment, Tytan dismissed the claims that he  loves Olinda for money only saying he truly loves her.

“As far as people’s opinion are concerned, I have no hand in anything people say or think about me.

“I’m very much settled and happy where I am with my partner.

“I don’t know why people decided to shift from the actual message on Olinda’s post. In fact, please call the person and ask kuti why hard feelings asi hakuna chiriko here?” he laughed off.

In another interview, Stunner could not comment over the issue, “no comment”, presumably after opening up in the tweet, which has caused a stir.


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