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09 Oct, 2021 | Posted By: Staff Reporter
Stunners Warns Jah Signal Usati Patirikuda Kubhadharwa You Can Sing For Free

Zimbabwes legend of Hip Hop Stunner is not happy with Zim Dancehall artist Jah Signal. Stunner was negotiating with promoters for a show and was going to be paid when Singa Muroora hitmaker went to the prpmoters and told them he would perform for free. Stunners posted on his Facebook the following message.

ah Signal siya tsika yako yekuti vamwe patirikumirira kubhadharwa wosvikoti I can sing for free!!!!

In another country ka….. chete Zimbabwe takarerwa tisina pfungwa dzekuponda kana kurovana

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Award-winning rapper, Stunner has dished out some sound words of advice to fellow artists in the music industry.

The rapper shared some words of wisdom on his Instagram timeline as he encouraged local artists to use their popularity to build a brand and grow their businesses.

Stunner opined that many artists in Zimbabwe are poor because they have failed to master the art of being a brand name.

“Become a brand name, otherwise all these followers, vanhu vanongouya kuzoona hubenzi hwako. How are you these followers making your life better? What are you selling, what are you offering that makes you a profit or gives you saga rechibage mangwana?

So many young local artists with over 50k followers and they still releasing hits songs but because you have not mastered  the art of being a brand name muchiri kutambura kumaraini and have never spoiled yourselves.”

Stunner asserted that artists should not solely depend on their music career but venture into business to earn a living and better their lives.

“Mbiri isina focus! If corona didn’t give you a wake-up call and you are waiting kuti ma show atange, I feel bad for you my guy. Buy a trouser and shirt, tuck in and think about talking business  kwete kui ndiri kurira muma streets and radio.”

He also urged artists to use their stage names or real names to their own advantage. He opined that artists should turn their names into businesses that can take care of them especially now that Covid-19 lockdowns have caused live show bans.

“Turn your name into a business, use your name to take care of you coz l know most of you can not even walk into a meeting usina kubvunzwa 10 ma questions of why the big man (boss, mbinga , opportunity person) should see,”

“……Work on your name because your going to need that name when the chips are down, “he wrote.


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