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30 Apr, 2020 | Posted By: Staff Reporter
Sulu Chimbetu Band Members Wallowing In Poverty

Sulu Chimbetu band members wallowing in poverty
To see us smiling, chanting and dancing in front of huge crowds, one would think all is well when they hear us praising our band leader fans would think we have the best jobs ever and the best leader, but truth is all that glitters is not gold.

For a song to be called a hit, it does take the whole band, even if its a one man band like Kiren Zulu or Steve Makoni, there is always some people behind the scenes that makes it a success.

However, it seems the recognition of those that help to make a band a success is usually ignored, Dendera Kings band members are no exception. We are talking about the heir to the Dendera Kings band, Sulumani Chimbetu the son of was the late Cde Simon Cellular Chimbetu. Sulu has just become so ruthless and careless about his band members.

To begin with, the most basic thing, the payment of band members is something Sulu don't do. Band members who are usually paid weekly sometimes even go up to as far as a month or two without pay and as employees the moment we mention the issue we are getting victimised.

In addition, when he decide to pay he pays us in bond notes, he burn a $100 note and expect 8 workers to accept as wages. What an insult.

To add insult to injury, Sulumani also went on to cut transport allowances for the band members which they normally used for refreshments and now the band members go to a show on empty stomachs yet they are expected to be at their best performances, yet he Sulu buys himself expensive booze everytime ime he goes to a show.

As if thats not enough, Sulumani uses the dictator type of leadership to band members, he never take any advice neither does he listen to anyone. Buying new cars, spending money on prostitutes and expensive booze are his extreme sports.


Since the exit of the former manager Jakachira, the band is now being run like a tuckshop, the band doesn't even have any savings anymore since he uses the money as he please, even promoters are slowly disassociating themselves from him. Sooner or later he is going to start loosing band members as well because being a band member is actually a job and from a job payments should be done.

The new band manager is just but a trophie, as Sulu makes all decisions in the band. Some fans even went on to ask him about this treatment of band members and he blocked them from his whatsapp group.

The life of Sulu's band members is characterised by poverty, shame and suffering not to mention this lock down, while his members are appealing for help from their master, Sulumani is usually busy having fun with Angaz, his good for nothing drinking buddy.

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