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Tatelicious Explains Why She Does Not Date Zimbabweans Men Munofa Mukadanana Neni

Tatelicious posted a video in which she explained why she does not date men from Zimbabwe her home country. Mukadanana neni munofa ndiri guva ririkufamba. Ndirikutoku batsirayi. Ndiri warren Hills Kumbudzi ndangomirira zzuva chete” Said Tatelicious. Watch the video below.

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Controversial social media personality Tatelicious Karigambe-Sandberg, born Tanyaradzwa Tatenda Karigambe has finally spoken out after being accused of rape. This comes after a Gambian publication alleged that  Tatelicious drugged and raped a Gambian national in Sweden. According to the publication, the alleged victim is one Sulayman Ceesay.

However,  Tatelicious who is notorious for his no holds barred approach, posted a video on Facebook,  in which he vehemently denied the allegations stating that relations with Sulayman were fully consensual.

In the explicit video, Tatelicious says Sulayman proposed marriage so that he could get some papers allowing him to stay in Sweden.

Sulayman you should tell people the truth what is happening in Sweden. Sulayman came to me wanting to marry me for papers. Sulayman has been rejected in Sweden more than six times and is on the verge of being deported back to Gambia.

Tatelicious goes on to reveal that Sulayman was in prison and that he offered him a place to sleep. He says he cannot reveal why Sulayman was arrested because of the people the Gambian works for. The social media personality then threatened to expose Sulayman’s secrets.

He insisted that he did not rape Sulayman and that relations between the two were consensual. He alleged that Sulayman wants to hide his sexuality,  hence the lies that he was drugged and raped.

Tatelicious said:

Moslems, I love you so much but f*ck someone who wants to his sexuality behind religion.

A Gambian publication reports that before their acrimonious fallout, the two posted a Facebook video in which the Gambian said the relationship between them was not a problem and that his family would respect his choice.

The couple broke up after people condemned their relationship on social media. Sulayman left Tatelicious’ house and leveled the rape allegations against the popular socialite. It is not clear if Sulayman reported the issue to the Swedish police although online reports state that he did so.


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