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17 Sep, 2020 | Posted By: Staff Reporter
Teemak & Partner Rumbidzayi Mhizha Used Investors Money To Buy Mining Equipment

In shona there is a saying that goes "Rinamanyanga hariputirwe" which means you can't wrap something with horns. Teemak has been in the news for scamming scores of investors hudreds of thousands in his forex trading Ponzi scheme. A source close to the matter has come out with new infomation on what happened to some of the investors money.

A lady by the name Rumbidzayi Mhizha who was Taona Chipunza's right hand and collected thousands of dollars from  the investors has been exposed as someone who also stole from the investors funds . The source who we cannot identify  but we will call her Samantha told us "Rumbidzayi Mhizha bought a mining  crane and other mining equipment with investors money.

The same time Rumbidzayi bought this equipment is the same time investors started hearing that Teemak had made loses in his forex trading portfolio. It appears money that was ment to be invested was diverted and used to buy the mining crane and equipment. The source Samantha also revealed that Rumbidzayi's father was into mining. 

Investors have been begging Teemak and Rumbidzayi to refund them for the last 3 months and all they have received is lies and broken promises from Teemak and Rumbidzayi. 

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Bishop Chipunza Assures Investors Scammed By Son Teemak Taona Chipunza They Will Be Paid 
Bishop Chipunza who is now in the middle of a ponzi scheme created by his son Taona has assured hundreds of innocent investors that they will get their money back from Teemak. The man of God had to interviene when some of the disgruntled investors started calling him and telling him about what his son had done to them.

Sources close to the matter are saying Teemak only release a list of 36 investors and assured that six will be paid on the 19th of September and he will pay the over investors each following Saturday. Teemak is accused of Scamming over 200 investors the list of 36 he released is just a fraction of people who want thier money back.

Bishop Chipunza said Taona assures the investors that he will take full responcibility and payout to all by 15 December 2020". We the investors were asked if they were hopefull they would be getting thier money back none of them believed they would get paid anything calling Teeemak "munhu wema funnies"


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