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15 Sep, 2021 | Posted By: Staff Reporter
Tinashe Mutarisi Sparks Mhirizhonga After Airing Out His Concerns Over Tinashe Mugabe Global DNA Show

Founder and Chairman of Nash Paints, Tinashe Mutarisi torched a storm on social media after he questioned the authenticity of the DNA tests conducted by Tinashe Mugabe on his Global DNA show.

In a series of deleted posts on Facebook, Tinashe Mutarisi expressed his concerns over the now-viral Global DNA show.
DNA testing is very good!Tv just because some folks are poor toswera tichivanwisa tea tichifara hedu kwete!

We do not have a DNA testing center in Zimbabwe?
WHO IS TESTING? How reliable are the testing companies?
Just because zvitikuitwa ku america saka toitawo?”
In another post which has since been deleted, Mutarisi argued that the show organizers should stop preying on poor people to popularize their show.

He said he was worried about children who find out about  the results of the DNA test. Mutarisi opined that some of the parents who are getting their DNA tests live on the show are not even aware of the physiological impact the results will have on their children. He is of the view that the DNA test should be privatized.

“Stop preying on poor people
Hanzi we can do it for free tokuisa pasocial media . Plus unotoona kuti some of the parents are not even aware of the impact of those videos
Why make public something otherwise private
This should Stop”
After facing heavy criticism on social media, Tinashe Mutarisi ended up apologizing and took note of the points that were aired out by some of his followers.

Ma points enyu ndakamanzwa.
You feel that it’s very important to put an end to woman who are abusing husbands by making them take care of other men’s children.
You also said vese varikubuda pa Tv vanenge vabvumirana nazvo saka hapana abuse irikuitika apa.
You then advised me that the children involved vanotowana counseling behind the scenes mukatoti pane weku mufakose akatozowana ma groceries kubva kuma viewers.
You also made it clear kuti even kunana America neku SA zvirikuitwa live on TV eg Jerry Springer Show.
You also mentioned that discussing about this on social media might negatively affect the business side of the companies operations huye ini as a businessman ndanga ndichifanirwa kungozvizivira ndoga, I was also supposed to meet and air my grievances privately.
Ndadzidza kuti chirongwa ichi chirikudiwa nevazhinji huye varikuti chiri kugadzirisa nyika
In a nutshell I WAS WRONG mandiratidza gwara


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