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28 Aug, 2020 | Posted By: Staff Reporter
Wellence Mujuru Wears Aopollo Jersey For Telling Simba Chikanza Zimeye You Are Destroying Lives With Your Unverified False News

Wellemce Mujuru has worn his apology jersey well, After blasting self claimed reported Simba Chikanza frpm  preventing Zimbabweans raising money for Paston Dzamara. Wellence has made a U turn and is now wearing his apology jersey see his apology below.

I'd like to apologise to my brother Simba Chikanza for the outburst during mourning our Brother Patson Dzamara . I have established that Chikanza tried his best to highlight Patson's need at a time he wanted to fly out of Zim which was impossible & the Cancer Support Network was right to demand immediate treatment locally seeing the timing & lockdown constraints. It is fair to highlight the effort pulled by Chikanza. We should keep the memory of Patson alive and continue pushing for justice , civil rights and freedom.

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Socialite and activist Wellence Mujuru is sick and tired of false reporting and the harm being caused by self proclaimed online journalist Simba Chikanza of Zimeye. Wellence Mujuru who has a huge following on social media has over the years helped many Zimbabweans in need with funds and other forms of assistance.

When Wellence Mujuru found out about Paston Dzamara's cancer diagnosis he did his best to assist by doing an online fundraising to raise money that would help Patson, during this process Simba Chikanza using his bulldog reporting  reported that Paston did not need money and that some UK based organization would pay for all his medical bills a story which was fake and unverified.

This fake  reporting by Chikanza lead people to question Wellence efforts to help and some made false allegations towards him Wellence Mujuru wrote the following to Simba Chikanza.

Dear Simba Chikanza

 I don't write this with bitterness but with concern. Big Brother have you ever review how much impact your online news platform has on people's lives. By posting unverified information or the other side of the story you can destroy lives. I remember the day before yesterday when I asking people to donate towards Patson's medical treatment and a lady started allegeding that Zimeye reported Patson Dzamara  has received full medical cover (which was untrue) and that zvatakuita takubira vanhu mari . It detered a lot of people from donating apa he desperately needed that money to start operation. Please please try by all means to post verified information. Ini chaiye up until now from your news platform you accused me of stealing 15k USD among other allegations an allegation that had no witness , no evidence,no arrest its been 3 years no1 has came forward to say ndine ndakabirwa Mari naWellence . Some people believed you and l have to carry that false allegation for the rest of my life. Hazvina hazvo mhosva but in conclusion Please use your platform wisely sometimes its having an impact in people's lives. God Bless.

This is not the first time Simba Chikanza has been accused of fake news and bullying Zimbabweans and especially women to gain clout . Chikanza is so desparate to be considered a true journalist that he will stoop so low to gain credibility. Simba Chikanza need to watch and see how Lance Guma reports and treats people maybe he will gain respect and credibilty from Zimbabweans. 


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