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02 Jun, 2020 | Posted By: Staff Reporter
Why Does Simba Chikanza Of Zimeye Hate Zimbabwean Women With A Passion

Here is a list of popular women Simba Chikanza has cyberbullied  and tarnished their names.

Ruramai Mash

Olinda Chapel

Faith Domingo

 Edith Chibhamu

Thokozani Khupe

Nobuhle Ncube

These are not the only women that Simba Chikanza has attacked and accused of crimes or made up false stories to tarnish them. The list is so long it would take a month to compile. Simba Chikanza is intimidated by successful  and strong minded women  so his agenda is to bring them down. 

Ruramai Mash was bullied by Simba using his website and Facebook page to make up false accusations that Ruramai praised  the killing of Innocent  Zimbabweans. Simba twisted the story and went as far as making false police reports , Ruramai defended herself the best she could from Chikanza.

Olinda Chapel is another strong minded woman who Simba Chikanza has tried over the last 5 years to destroy  her image with more that 20 live Videos on his page filled with lies and is nothing but Gossip. Olinda have been able to stay strong from all the attacks and bad Publicity from Simba and his zimeye fake news tabloid.

Faith Domingo Nechironga is another successful business women whose image and Business has been dragged in the mud by Simba Chikanza. Simba and his bully pulpit zimeye Facebook page has filed fake police reports and paid off people to destroy Faith Domingos business, All his efforts have failed and Faith has never been charged of any Crime. Simba Chikanza will do anything to bring Zimbabwean women down.

Edith Chibhamu is another successful women who Simba Chikanza has done over 10 Facebook lives videos all negative to tarnish Edith Chibhamus image. None of the accusations or scandals have proof of got Edith Arrested or charged. Simba Chikanza was the main force who accused Edith Chibhamu of human trafficking.

Thokozani Khupe is the current woman who is in Simbas Cross hairs he have over 70 stories over the last 30 days all negative and accusing wrong doing by Thokozani Khupe. His Agenda is to bring women down or use them to get views for his news tabloid or for love and likes on his Facebook page.

When is comes to using women Simba Chikanza has a PHD the latest women he has used to get views for his Facebook page  is Nobuhle Ncube . Simba Chikanza never wanted to help Nobuhle Ncube to recover her money his goal was to use her to attack Passion Java. After things backfired on him and Passion Java embarrassed Simba he did not offer Nobuhle help he left her to suffer. If took real people with kind hearts to help her, Carol Nyakudya and Brian Nyamushamba. Why did Simba not offer to help Nobuhle after using her to get loves and likes her left her.

Chikanza Thinks he can use his bully pulpit to bully women and get away with anything. Zimbabwean women when Simba Chikanza brings one Zimbabwean woman down he is bringing every woman down. Without Zimbabwean woman Simba and Zimeye are nothing.


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