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04 Aug, 2021 | Posted By: Staff Reporter
Why We Have Girlfriends, Smallhouses Zimbabwe Married Men Break Their Silence

Zimbabwe’s married men have opened up on why they engage in extramarital affairs with girlfriends and small houses.


The issue of small houses and girlfriends plagues many marriages in the country and is the bane for many married women.  Zimbabwe social media personality and cyber-aunt Tete Fadzie decided to explore the issue in detail. She asked married men who engage in extramarital affairs to share why they do so.

Tete Fadzie wrote,


My question for today goes to the married men, who have girlfriends or small houses, why do you choose to have extramarital affairs? You can send thorough your reasons anonymously via the link below.


Many men responded to the question. Many seemed eager to justify their behaviour. Some used science to explain why they have girlfriends and small houses while others used the Bible.  Others blamed their spouses for failing to satisfy their sides of the marital contracts.


Below are some of the responses on why Zimbabwe married men have girlfriends and small houses,


The sooner we all agree that monogamy isn’t natural then we’ll be better for it. We keep lying to ourselves that we’re capable of spending an eternity but it’s simply unnatural. Even studies have proven it. 

We do tt for sex pleasure no love whatsoever. The problem with married woman after getting married they relax. Man actually wants sex everyday to be honest. They are so hungry lions. I don’t blame our forefathers to take two wives or 5 it was more nicer those days bcz isu tiri muchipanera nevakadzi ava unoita mwedzi achiti 1 am tired.


For sex. Marriage women are stingy when it comes to sex. Also for things like bj because married women don’t like it too.w3

We dont love these ladies who we have extra marital affairs with. Its just for sex. Some of us married virgins and they are not willing to try some crazy things in bed apa isu tinenge tambobvako takuziva kuti kune ma monkey styles nema praying mantis . So we miss the thrill and end up going back into the field. Izvo zviya zvekuitirana mumota tozvida but wifey anenge achitoti ko tikasungwa vanhu vanozotii. Also some of these ladies actually listen to us when we pour our hearts out other kumba where the wife will start judging you akutogaya kuti my husband is weak.

There is one main reason, women tend to lose interest in sex as they grow old it’s just natural and on the other hand man still want it even when they are old. So that is why men tend to have affairs outside marriage. Back they a wife would agree wth his husband to find and marry a younger woman.

The problem is we adopted a culture we do not understand, but nature always wins, we try by all means to go against nature but there about 5 billion women on the planet against about 2 billion men, it’s not natural for men to have one partner. We say it’s Christian but no, in the Bible people read verses that support there agenda. That’s why some of these marriages are standing because of small houses. Men are not built to love one woman. Adultery for man is having an affair with a married woman only, if she is single that’s not Adultery .

My wife and I are not sexually compatible. I love sex 24/7. She doesn’t want to even hear about it. I have starved myself of sex in an effort to maintain a semblance of a marriage – for the sake of the children. Outside marriage I have had extramarital affairs and some of the sex has been out of this world.

1.Murume hanyimwe bonde anokuhurira simple. 2.Murume akasaremekedzwa anotsvaga kwaanoremekedzwa. 3. Mukadzi akanyanya kuita pamromo nekupopota manhingi murume anoenda kwakanyarara. 4.Kozoti kungodawo zvinhu so, kangori kashavi aka. 5. Kuita mota or mari waroora exposes murume kuzvinhu zvaanga asati ambo experiencer, vazhinji ndopavanonyurira apa. Ladies throw themselves to succesful men, if usiri disciplined unozviruza. Vakadzi vajaira zvekungonyengwa so vanogona kuzvibata, but varume vanonyengwa nevakadzi ndevanetunhu tunhu, so pfuma iyoyo ikazouya munhu atoroora has mal, baba vanochinja kuita kakomana except for a few disciplined men.


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