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09 May, 2020 | Posted By: Staff Reporter
Winky D Grateful To Fans You Have Always Remained Loyal

Winky’s camp last night described his fans as family for their loyalty since day one. This follows their positive feedback after his vintage performance on “Iwe Gara Mumba Lockdown Concert” screened via Facebook, thanks to ZTN and US based prophet-cum-music promoter, Passion Java.

It was co-hosted by Star presenter Pathisani Sibanda and ZTN’s Chacha. In an interview with H-Metro, Winky D said he was humbled by the feedback his camp received after they received over 14000 views.

“It was exhilarating and left us beaming with appreciation for the support we have receiving from the fans who became our musical family, and, have blessed us with the Gafa movement that we currently live within,” he said.

The Ninja president also praised his production team for their hard work during these trying times My management and production team capitalised on this opportunity to complete audio and visual projects.

“More importantly, I spent five weeks of the lockdown in the rural areas where I took time to connect with my relatives whom I sometimes fail to get time with owing to pressing schedules.

“I enjoyed the continuity of thought I experienced in the serene environment.

“I experienced inimitable unmitigated introspective moments within the beauty of nature,” he said.

Like most artistes who were left counting losses as a result of either cancelled or postponed shows, Winky D’s camp was not spared as well. Local, regional and international performances were postponed whilst audio-visual projects have to be put on hold till normalcy returns.

“We were scheduled to travel to South Africa, Dubai, United Kingdom and America,” he said.

He also shared his views on the need to exploit the Covid-19 lockdown to make online sales as being advocated for by other artistes.

“I feel ethically it will be wrong to take advantage of the pandemic for selfish motives.

“Efforts should be consolidated by artists to leverage the various platforms for purposes of amplifying the much need awareness education on the Dos and Donts within the Covid-19 era.

“This is the biggest objective creatives should have to save lives of both their musical families and potential ones.

“This is aptly the best way of engaging fans. Artists should find different ways of creating messages to condole with those who would have lost their loved ones to the pandemic whilst creating the awareness messages to save the lives of more people.

“Artists can also entertain people via online platforms and also spend more time to reflect on their career paths.”

In his own capacity, Winky D said he would use his influence to create awareness against the spread of the pandemic.

“We are encouraging people to continue to listen to the messages on curtailing the spread of the pandemic and call upon all of us to believe that we can conquer through the Grace of Higher powers and the efficacy of scientific research,” he said


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