04 Sep, 2020 | Posted By: Staff Reporter
Women Claims Zvikwambo Belong To Her Son In South Africa

A worried man in Gokwe reported his mother to Chief Mkoka accusing her of owning goblins that caused his wife to produce milk for four years after she weaned her child and also led to the death of two daughters-in-law.

The son’s in-laws have denied him access to his wife pointing out that the(Chikonde) family had to get rid of the goblins that were troubling their daughter. So strange is the daughter-in-law’s situation that her breasts have bulged and are itchy as they continue to produce milk.

Sensing death and failing to sleep while fighting mystical beings thought to be goblins, that forcefully had s_x with her, the troubled daughter-in-law has since returned to stay with her parents.

The strange revelations were laid bare at Chief Mkoka’s traditional court last week on Thursday by the troubled Chikonde of Manami Village.
Chikonde said: “I want to put it on record that goblins that my family members are accusing me of owning are actually owned by my son who is based in South Africa. I’m also worried because they also trouble me as they have s_x with me on some occasions,” she said.

She added: “My two daughters-in-law died after the goblins slept with them for a long period. They died in similar fashion — they would suffer from throbbing headaches and thereafter they would complain of dizziness and eventually they would die.”

Chikonde went on to reveal that her other daughter-in-law was facing a difficult time at the hands of the mystical beings.

“It’s strange because my (daughter-in-law) is producing milk four years after she weaned her child. She has since returned to stay with her parents as she failed to sleep as the goblins had s_x with her and would fight her,” she said.

She added: “My son is angry because his in-laws have denied him permission to visit his wife and child. I have five sons and one daughter, now my sons are afraid to marry.”

The granny was now worried that if the goblins were removed that would plunge her son into poverty and terrorise her.

“I’m worried that if the goblins are exorcised, they will be angry and turn against him (my son) and destroy his cars, houses and his wealth that he has amassed over the years. I’m also afraid that if they fail to root them out they will kill me,” she said.

Chief Mkoka said: “We have agreed that the family of Chikonde should hire a tsikamutanda (witch-hunter) to root out the goblins that are causing mysterious deaths in the family as they have wrecked her sons’ marriages.”-


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