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08 Sep, 2020 | Posted By: Staff Reporter
Zim Dancehall Legend Mad Minnox Gives Advice To Mukoma Masimba

Zim Dancehall Elder Mad Minnox who is friends with Mukoma Masimba went a a live for the first time ever and gave his his friend Mukoma Masimba some powerful advice. See the video below.

Mad Minnox told Mukoma Masimba to stop doing what he is doing since its affecting many Zimbabweans and not just him. Mukoma Masimba listened to the advice for a while then became combative as he demanded to see Stunner and Prophet Passion Java who he claims he has been  dreaming of.for over a week. Many Zimbabwean have been praying for Mukoma Masimba to get better.

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Mukoma Masimba Promises To Eat Manyoka For Stunner If He Does Not Keep His Promise
Mukoma Masimba posted a shocking video asking Stunner to get him in touch with Carol Nyakudya & Passion Java .Mukoma Masimba said he wanted to have Prophet Passion Java pray for him and that Stunner neede to deliver the man of God or he was going to eat Tsvina racho.

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 Zim Socialite Now Homeless Australia…Challenges Witches Zimbabwean social media influencer, Mukoma Masimba who is now living on the streets of Melbourne in Australia, has said that he was not bewitched but his condition is controlled by a spirit. Many well wishers are now concerned and worried about his welfare.

Some are saying that he has lost his sanity while others claim he was bewitched by sangoma Sekuru Banda, after he challenged his powers. Mukoma Masimba said he’s just going through depression and drug addiction.

He is well known on social media for “Go Deeper” and “Izalo NaMukoma Masimba” and being involved in many Facebook Pages.

Contacted for comment by Hmetro, Sekuru Banda could neither confirm nor deny the ongoing issue.
Yes it’s Sekuru Banda, tichakufonera soon, asi iri kuda kutobuda mangwana here?” he said before hanging the phone

However Mukoma Masimba,  denied that it’s Banda who has made his life miserable. 

“This is the spirit of Go Deeper which has put me on the streets.

“I have mixed with many people on social media and I have produced many shows where I share my opinions on my Facebook pages.

“I got possessed whenever I will be sharing my opinions, it’s a spirit, ndinosvikirwa nemudzimu.”

He said sekuru Banda didn’t do anything to him but he’s suffering from depression I challenged Banda because he had said he has powers and I challenged him.

“I deny that, he should not take advantage of my situation, I still challenge him and other witch-killers, muZimbabwe hamuna varoyi, ndini ndikudaro,” he said.

Mukoma Masimba said he went to hospital for a medical check up, but they told him he was not mentally ill, otherwise they wouldn’t have let him go.

He admitted the he smokes mbanje with his friends in the streets because the spirit requires mbanje. Mukoma Masimba said he is a drug addict now and peddles money for mbanje in the streets.

“All l know is l am homeless, drug addict and working on it. Sekuru Banda lied, havana zvavakaita pandiri


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