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Zimbabwean Celebrities Who Dated Older Women


Nox the well known urban groove superstar dated a socialite called Paida Zvirikuzhe and later had a messy break up that led to the release of Nox’s n_ude pictures with Paida allerging that Nox used to cheat on her all the time.

Khama Billiat 

Zimbabwean national team footballer Khama Billiat was reportedly dating Beverly Sibanda after Zimbabwe senior men’s football team Chigova revealed that Beverly once put Khama Billiat in her profile picture and would ferry Bev from her shows using Chigova’s car.

Beverly recently replied to allegations that said she was HIV positive saying that if she was positive Khama Billiat would not be playing football.


Business tycoon Genius Ginimbi Kadungure dated Zodwa Mkandla who is older to him by Eleven years and they were together for a long time before they broke up in 2016.

However the two are rumoured to be together again after Mai TTs friend took to social media to thank them for hiring her to design curtains in their home.

Ex Q

Popular Afro Pop artist Enck Munenga ended his 6 year marriage with his wife and manager Irene in 2014 for his long time girlfriend/ sugar mummy residing in Mount Pleasant.

Andy Muridzo 

Andy who has broken the internet so many times with his lady problems was in March 2020 spotted in a picture with Tasha green having a moment in a car before his performance.

Andy had said that he was going to be with her Lady Tasha Green and his manager confirmed that Andy was ready to settle with Tasha.


In 2018 30 year old Afro fusion musician Tytan announced that he had paid lobola for 36 year old business woman Olinda Chapel but later parted ways in 2019 over alleged misunderstandings.

Tytan claimed that Olinda had not told him about her HIV status and that he had to go through the post exposure medication to make sure he had not contracted the virus.

Zizoe Pamyk

In 2019 33 year old Mai TT and 26 year old Zizoe confirmed their relationship after they had been seen together in Zizoes music videos and even promised to wed before November 2020.

The couple 3 months later had a messy break up which resulted in Mai TT revealing some of their bedroom secrets.

Jah Prayzah 

In 2015 pictures of Jah prayzah and former 52 year old ZIFA boss Henrietta Rushwaya which showed the two seating cosy together were leaked.

The two had been spotted in many places together before around Harare and in some pictures where Jah Prayzah was in a bedroom with Rushwaya.


In April 2020 Zimbabwean female rapper Kikky Badass alleged that Zim fitness fanatic Mimi Moana had slept with Takura.

This was after the two ladies had a fight on Instagram and Kikky said that Moana slept with Takura but was not paid even a single dollar.

Jah Signal.

In April 2020 44 year old Zimbabwean socialite Mawundo took to Facebook to confirm that she had been in a relationship with 25 year old Jah Signal. She said that people should stop shaming him because he is a man and can choose who he want to be with.


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